Falling For More

Rachel Rodriguiz is a happy 18 year old girl,who lives alone with her Friend,Mia Samson. Tjey currently are single and arent fans with 1D. Thwy barely know them. When Zayn falls for Mia,Mia falls for Niall. When Louis falls for Rachel,Sh re falls for Harry. Liam is a free loader in this story. (THERE MIGHT BE SEXUAL CONTET. BUT I DOUBT IT.) Please enjoy!


1. Character Informatiom

Rachel: 18 years old Has no car Has no job Doesnt know 1D Style:Casual,likes high boots. LOVES wearing dresses. (espically Red or Blue) Mia: 18 Has no car Has no job Style:Bold Loves anythink a dark colour. You should know the boys.
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