Wings of Perfection

Angels fly. No. I am an angel. I cannot fly. Well, every other angel can fly. I am alone. The outcast. I am a delivery angel. I deliver important packages to important people. My life is pretty busy. Oh, and I ride dragons. Mostly my dragon, Silver. So read if you want, mortal.


2. Wish, Walker, and Royal

The hallway is cold. Snow crunches beneath my feet, as I make my way to Lead's office. Mrs Lead is the principal of the school I attend. She's not the nicest lady. Her office is at the end of Blizzard Hall, it's always snowing!

"Miss Jade, I was expecting you." Mrs Lead hisses in her usual creepy way.

"Bonjour Madame Lead." I say. We are expected to know multiple languages. I only know English, French, and Spanish.

"Ah. I see you are trying to impress me. It's not working, Jade. I want you to speak English to me." Mrs Lead hisses. Why does she call me by my last name?

"Sorry ma'am. I do like to speak French!" I smile, trying to sound upbeat.

"Miss Jade, why did you come to my office? It's the beginning of summer." Mrs Lead hisses once again. Clearly someone didn't get enough sleep last night.

"Just to tell you-" I stopped. Someone breezes into the room.

"Mr Wish, will you please refrain from interrupting Miss Jade?" Mrs Lead scolds.

"Erm, sorry, but I don't see anyone else in the room." Wish says. I turned invisible, blending in. With that, I leave. I guess I won't be telling the principal what I wanted.


Evan Wish is a guy at my school. He's annoying. Every other girls goes crazy around him, I don't understand why! He thinks he's all that and a dragon's scale. Jerk. He also hates dragons! I just want to punch him in the face sometimes. Scratch that! All the time!

Let's just say, Evan Wish and I DON'T get along. He bullies me. I am a loser. 'Hey everyone look at Emerald the freak! She's such a geek' Yup, that's me. The freak. The geek. Everything nobody wants to be.

My thoughts are soon interrupted by silver scales hitting my face. Man, I am so clumsy! I literally just walked into Silver!

"Hey, girl. At least you are my friend." She just nuzzles my stomach. Just then, Phoenix Walker approaches me. She's nice.

"Hey, Emerald Jade!" She yells in my direction. Phoenix doesn't say it meanly, she says it gentle and kind. Before I know it, Phoenix puts her hand on my shoulder, startling me.

"Hey, it's fine Emerald. I'm not like Wish and Royal." Phoenix mumbles. She really doesn't like Evan Wish or the most popular girl, Rosie Royal. Although, Phoenix is in Rosie's crew.

Phoenix flips her fiery red mop of hair over her shoulder. Her golden eyes shine as she admires Silver.

"Phoenix, why don't you come for a ride on Silver with me?" I offer, hoping she'll say accept.

"Sure, Em. I guess I could use some dragon time. Rosie's is so perfume-y and disgustingly pink. I miss real dragons, like Silver." Phoenix says sadly. Her dragon died a couple years ago from a forest fire. Wait, did she just call me Em? Well, nicknames are a sign of friendship, right? I hope so.

I help Phoenix up on Silver's back. I tell Silver to lift off. Oh by the way, Silver and I have a mind link. I can talk to her through minds, she just can't talk back.

Soon, Silver is gliding through the air. Phoenix is whooping and I am relaxing. That is, until Rosie and her dragon pull up next to us.

"Oh, Phoenix Walker, I knew you were a traitor! Oh my god, how could you? Ugh! You are like, totally out of my friends! Bye, losers!" Rosie exclaims and flies off. Now Phoenix looks relieved.

"Thank goshers that's over! Her poor dragon! Princess Priscilla is really looking down lately." Phoenix says. I can't help but laugh. Princess Priscilla is what Rosie named her dragon when she was 7. It's a stupid name for such a great beast.

When Silver finally lands, we are back on the roof of my home. Phoenix and I hop off, and I tell Silver to fly to her home.

"That was awesome! Can do this again tomorrow?! Please? I wish I had a dragon. I would get one with tinted blue scales. I'd name it Sir Henry or Sir George. But only if it was a dude. If it was a girl is name it Ocean or Wave or Sky or, or.... I don't know!" Phoenix kept rambling on and on about names and dragons. I spotted a dragon on a mountain in the distance. It had blue scales.

"Hey, Red. There is a blue dragon up there. I'll call Silver, why don't we go catch it?" Phoenix looked over joyed! I think she liked her new nickname, Red.

"Let's do it." Was her reply.

Time to go catch a dragon.

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