Locked Out of Heaven

Bella is a ghost, who meets Devon while haunting her old high school.
They become friends, but what happens when they want to be more? And while all this is happening Devon is being followed by a deadly gang. Lucifer tempts Bella to join his Dark angel army, and she feels like she should do so. Will her passion for Devon keep her on the light side? Or will she get Locked out of heaven?


1. The day we met


Hi. I'm Bella Kurtis. I died about four months ago. 

Yet I'm still forced to stay on earth. 

So those of you who think you see ghosts, you probably do see us because we make mistakes. 

Everyone does.

Technically were not supposed to show ourselves to you. 

And if we talk to the living, we usually aren't allowed into heaven.

I had never imagined their being a waiting list to get into paradise. 

Not to mention a list 2 years long!

So here I am, on earth, wandering the halls of my old high school. It's kind of boring.

My friends got over my death fairly fast, and my boyfriend? He just asked somebody else to be his girl.


I heard noises coming from a locker and floated over to it. 

Stupid Bryce with his shoving people in lockers.

The bell rang and everybody had headed to class.
I came out from my spot,and used all of my energy to force the locker open.

It opened and a boy stepped out.

He was gorgeous.

He looked at me and I froze. 

I couldn't move.

Gosh I wish I was alive.

" Hi"

He whispered to me.

I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. 

"Thank you"

He said it so delicately, as if I would shatter into a million pieces at any second.

I nodded and pointed to the watch on his hand.

He looked down and realized he was late for class.

I turned to leave.

"Don't leave. Meet me here after school?"

I shook my head. It was bad enough I was communicating with him.

" please?" 

I reluctantly nodded. The pleading in his blue eyes was killing me.
Oh wait... I'm already dead


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