Fast & Furious (Justin Bieber FanFic)

This is NOT 100% based on the movies. But it's mostly like it. I think there's someone else making a similar one... I'M NOT STEALING ANYTHING WITHOUT PERMISSION.!!!! But I tried to make it original and mine. Btw: that's me in the pictures. I'm Jesse in here lol Juss saying. Includes:


2. Let's Go Shopping!!!..Don't be Gay -.-

Hey guys!!! Hope you enjoy(:


                                                  Let's Go Shopping!!!..Don't be Gay -.-


                                                                          Dom's POV


*BEEP* *BEEP* I threw my phone across the room...Jeez, I really need to stop breaking my phone. I don't know why, but lately I've had some anger issues. I still believe it's from Jesse leaving. I got out of bed. I looked at the clock on the wall. It read 6:45am. Damn!! That's hella early. But I do like to get a head start. I got into the shower, which took about 10 minutes. Mostly because I kept thinking about her and anything in general...But mostly Jess. I got out, wrapped a towel around my waist and got out. I grabbed some boxers, black skinnies and a black sleeveless vest and a red bandana. I put the boxers on, along with my skinnies and the black sleeveless vest unzipped. Then i tucked the red bandana into my back pocket, letting it hang out. I looked in the bathroom mirror. Damn, I look good(:

I brushed my teeth and put my Chicago Bulls hat on backwards. I put on some bright red supras. I headed to the kitchen. Awww, she's so beautiful. I walked behind Jen and kissed her neck while wrapping my arms around her waist. She giggled and got up and kissed me passionately. We parted and I pecked her hand.

"Why did you go to bed so early last night babe?" She asked siting back down on her phone. I grabbed some cereal and poured some while replying.

"It's her again." I sighed. She sighed as well.

"Babe. I'm sure she's fine. Like I always say. 'If you love someone or something, set it free. And if it's meant to be, it'll come back.' Don't forget that she is training. So she's gonna be great." She said looking in my eyes the whole time. I smiled and grabbed a spoon and sat down across from her.

"Thanks babe. That's a great reminder." I said grabbing her hand and pecking it. Then I let go and finished my cereal. I looked down at my watch, 7. I put my bowl and spoon in the sink. I pecked her cheek and went upstairs. I peeked into Jess's old room. I saw Justin passed out on the couch. I sighed and decided to wake him.

"Justin. There's a bed right there. Why did you sleep here?" I asked shaking him. He stretched and rubbed his eyes. He got up and grabbed a t-shirt and put it on.

"I saw the way you got lost by looking in the room. Something was up and I didn't want to upset you or anything." He said patting my back and headed to the bathroom. He walked out with his hair in a quiff and he went shirtless with some sweats I let him borrow.

"Ohh. Well, it's fine. Don't worry about it. Help yourself nigga. I don't mind." I said shaking off the memories Jess and I shared. "Okay Guuuuurrrllll..... Let's go shopping.!!!" He said in a girly voice. I scoffed and we walked downstairs.

"Please don't be gay." I said slapping his back playfully. He laughed and nodded. "I gotta do something real quick. Hold up." I said. He sat on the couch, kicking his feet on the coffee table and flipping through the channels.

"Feet off!" I said not looking at him, walking towards Jen. I kissed her goodbye.

"Hey fellas. I'm gone.!!! Don't fuck up the place while we're gone." I yelled towards upstairs. "Let's go" I told Justin while walking outside to my Red Lamborghini. I hopped into the drivers seat and he hopped into the passengers seat, over the hood.

"Oh hell no!" I said looking at him.

"What?" He asked looking straight at me.

"Don't get too comfortable kid." I said smirking.

"Why?" He asked. I began driving to the biggest mall here.

We shopped for a lot of things. Actually we stole more than we actually paid for.

"Okay, you ready for this?" I asked him. He looked confused. "Okay we are racing to my casa. So if you win, you stay in our house and keep the car, and you get 1 grand. But if you lose, u stay in the crew but you find a new place to stay, pay me a grand and leave the car. Deal?" I asked putting the stuff in my trunk. He nodded. "Aight nigga." He said. I got into my car and positioned myself for the race. I looked in my mirror and saw him hot wiring a BRAND NEW Jaguar. Damn. He definitely got's skills. I smiled.

"You ready to lose?" He asked parking next to me. I smiled.

"As long as you're ready to find a new place to stay?" He laughed. We got to a red light. Okay here we....GO!!! We sped down the streets. Me in the lead by a block. I looked in the rear view mirror. He's gone. Hahaha. I really should look for him later. I sped home. I parked and when I got there. I saw Justin sitting on the hood of his car texting. Damn. How the hell?!?!

I jumped out of my car. I walked towards him. "What the fuck.?? How the hell did you? And you got lost? And beat me?" I pulled my gun out and pointed it to his head. He didn't look scared whatsoever.

"Explain" I simply said. He shrugged.

"3 things bro. 1, shortcut. 2, it's a Jaguar. One of the fastest cars in the world. And 3, I've never lost a race in my life." he said grabbing my gun and turning it towards me. "Ever" he whispered throwing the gun in the air and catching it behind his back. And he handed it back to me. I laughed.

"Now pay up." He said smiling. I smirked. I pulled my wallet out and gave him 1K. "Thanks" he said walking into the house. The kid got's skills. I walked inside and kissed Jens cheek. I called down the crew and told them to get the stuff and bring it to Justin's room. And I told them to unpack with him. They all headed upstairs. While Jen and I sat on the couch watching a movie. Then I got a text.


Hey. Keep an eye out for me, because I got one on you. Race? Two days, 10 ppl. I got 5, u need 5. We race. I win, I walk away with a couple grands. You win, well. Don't get your hopes up (;



If I win. I find out who you are, and I keep all your cars. And I am positive I'll beat the shit out of you. Got it?



Okay. We'll see about that. I'm sure you'll change your mind. 9:40pm. Friday. Your ppl, and mine. Be there. If not... Let's just say. I know where you live. Watch out. (;



Who the hell.?! I didn't let it sweat me. A few hours passed and the guys came downstairs. I told them about the race.

"Who's in?" I asked. "Cause I have to be. Considering it's a little 'threat'"

"I gotcha." Justin said doing a little handshake with me.

"Us too." Daniel spoke for him, John and Jason. They all high-fived me.

"I'll just collect the money and wait for the winner." Marcus said doing our handshake. Jennifer got up and kissed my cheek.

"And I'll start the race." She said smiling.

"Don't wear the outfit." I said looking into her eyes. She smiled and said.

"but I wanna. So I will. Love you and only you." Then she kissed me. I smiled in the kiss and pulled away.

"Okay. It's in 2 days. Prepare.!!" Then the guys left for their rooms and so did Jen and I. We got into the room and honestly, I didn't really think of Jess today. But god do I miss her. )':


Comment who you think it is?? Love you guys<3


~Stay Swaggy~

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