Fast & Furious (Justin Bieber FanFic)

This is NOT 100% based on the movies. But it's mostly like it. I think there's someone else making a similar one... I'M NOT STEALING ANYTHING WITHOUT PERMISSION.!!!! But I tried to make it original and mine. Btw: that's me in the pictures. I'm Jesse in here lol Juss saying. Includes:


7. I'm Justin...

Hey, I just HAD to update haha, I couldn't take you guys waiting on me. So here goes. Oh, and be sure to check out the end notes... kk <3 you(:


Jess's POV


*2 Hours later*

Me & Jen sat by the bar for a while. Just talking. Then the music started and people were dancing and then it stopped.

"Hold up, Hold up. Is that.? Is that the one and only.? Jessie Torreto!" I smiled. Of course Tim, the DJ, had to do that. I got up and walked towards the stand of the DJ and crossed my arms.

"Hey JayBae. Why don't you come on up here and do a little speech. For old time sakes."  He said smiling. I giggled a little and shook my head.

"Jess. Jess. Jess" He started a chant. I sighed and began walking towards some guys to lift me up there.. Everyone started cheering. When I got up there, I thanked the guys. I bowed a little while everyone continued cheering. I smiled and hugged Tim.

"Hey Hey! Let the Lady speak!" Tim said, trying to calm down all the cheering. Everyone slowly calmed down.

"So Jay" Tim startedHe grabbed 2 chairs and acted like this was an interview. So I went along with it acting serious. I sat down crossing my legs and looking straight at him with one mic in my hand and his.

"How you been lately?" He asked pretending to be official. Everyone giggled. While I kept it straight. I'm good at that.

"You know. Same old, Same old." I said nonchalantly. Earning a couple woo's here and there. 

"Sooo. For those people out there, who don't know you. Tell them who and what you do?" Everyone cheered obviously knowing me already.

"Well. I'm Jessica Toretto. I'm 18. " Everyone began woo-ing and whistling, causing me to smirk a little.




"I'm also a Racer, Dancer, Rapper. My big bro,Dom!" I called out to Dom. He walked up to the stand, where i was at. I pulled him up with me and wrapped my arm around his waist and he wrapped his arm around my neck. All while the crowd was cheering for our little family moment. 





"He's always been there for me. Everyday he tried contacting me. Or even searching for me." I said looking up at him. Everyone was aw-ing and all that gucci stuff. I smiled. He smirked a little. he took the mic from me and spoke up.

"Wait a sec. How in the hell did you know i was trying to contact you and find you. When you weren't  around?" He asked me. I smiled.

"i know a guy." Thats all i said. Everyone began laughing including Tim & Dom. i smiled.

"Ok. Now Dom. Off the stage. This isn't your time to shine." I laughed a little at Tim's chose of words. Dom smiled and hugged me once more and hopped down.

"Ok Jess. Im so happy to see you and I'm so glad that you chose to come here tonight, of all nights." I scrunched my nose a bit.

"why?" I asked looking around a bit.

"Well it so happens that we have more than 1 royalty here. Besides you, let's give it up...For CHANNING TATUM!!!" Tim screamed. Everyone began cheering. I smiled. Channing began walking up to the stage, where i was at. He came up to me and hugged me, then we did our little handshake. Everyone looked at us confused.

"Do you guys know each other or?" Tim asked. Channing smiled. he took a mic and wrapped his arm around my neck while saying:

"Well, when Little Toretto here couldn't find a place to stay. I invited here to my place. Then she kinda just stayed and we became great friends." He kissed my cheek. Everyone Awed.

"Nah, it ain't like that. She's beautiful and all, but I'm married." He said laughing a little. Everyone kind of went like 'ohhh'. I laughed a little too.

"Yeahhh. But I learned a lot about Miss. Shorty over here. But I didn't know she was a dancer too." He said looking at me. Then blocking me from the audience.

"Psh, she's probably a little ballerina." He continued. Everyone 'oohed'. I scoffed. i took the mic from him.

"well, maybe this 'little ballerina'" i used air quotes."can still whoop you in a battle any day." I said back at him, smirking the whole time.

"oh really." He mouthed.

"Yes really. What do all of you think?" I asked the audience. They all screamed. Channing nodded and rubbed his hands together.

"Alright, Let's do this. Ladies, pick the song." He said hopping off. I went to Tim, and chose my special song. He got it and waited for me to hop down. I stood at the edge and Channing offered to help me down. I shook my head and told him to back off. He surrendered, holding his hands up, backing up. I did a backflip, landing perfectly, facing Channing. Everyone made this huge 

circle around us. (A/N: For image purposes, watch that little scene in Step Up 2: the Streets. Its not EXACTLY like it, but its based on it.) 

"Alright. Ladies, open the floors." Tim spoke into the mic. 4 gorgeous girls walked out and picked up 4 pieces of the floor. Creating 2 rectangular trampolines. I smiled and hopped across it, doing a front flip. Channing did the same on the other trampoline. I smiled. Everyone cheered through our whole performance. I whipped my hand in the air, signaling for the music to start. Tim nodded and began it, the music began. It started off like any ordinary ballet song.

Channing looked at me like i was serious. I began doing some basic ballet routines. Then i did a back flip, as soon as the beat dropped and turned into to hip hop. Everyone cheered once again and clapped to the beat. 

"Hold up..lemme call out my girl first.. Brandy" she walked out and Channing smiled and brought out one of his guys. And it just so happens that its Luke, my current boyfriend. I smiled a little and he winked at me.

Channing smiled and we did a small little handshake and he signaled for me to go. I nodded. 

(Use these 2 videos to help imagine. Its not EXACTLY like the dance, but its just to help u: && REMEMBER ITS NOT EXACTLY. JUST BASED) 

Me and Brandy did our little routine first. Then we switched off, so the guys could do theirs. Then we did a little something together. Then the song did a little mix into Like A Boy.

Then Brandy did a little solo: . (Start at 0:30 and end at 1:55)

Then, the song did a little mix to Freak my Sh*t, So Luke did a solo: .(Starts at 0:20 and ends at 1:37)

Then, Channing did his because he knew I wanted to go last: .

Then I did mine: .(Start at 0:22 and end at 1:11)

Then we ended with a little duo to Bang: and we did a bit of Till I Die: .

(Start at 0:10 and end at 0:58, and in the video, Channing is Ian and Chachi is Jess/me in the video, and theres no one else dancing to it. Just them 2. Just so you guys can imagine.) .

Everyone cheered, while Channing hugged me. I smiled. Then Channing and I bowed a little. Then out of no where, we gotta crowded. I'm very claustrophobic (TRUE FACT, BTW.). All of a sudden, I felt myself being lifted from behind and they began moving. I was so confused. Then they put me down. I turned around and saw a very attractive guy.

"Hey, uh. I thought you might have needed to get out of there." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh, well thanks." I said awkwardly. I was about to walk away but he spoke.

"I'm Justin."

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