Fast & Furious (Justin Bieber FanFic)

This is NOT 100% based on the movies. But it's mostly like it. I think there's someone else making a similar one... I'M NOT STEALING ANYTHING WITHOUT PERMISSION.!!!! But I tried to make it original and mine. Btw: that's me in the pictures. I'm Jesse in here lol Juss saying. Includes:


1. I Need Help ^_^

Hey Guys(: I won't be doing these Author Notes unless they are important.... So this... Is important... Be sure to go check out my first story called: My Birthweek I'm still working on it and I just need some supporters..kk thanks guys.. Enjoy!!!



                                                                      I Need Help ^_^


                                                                   Dominic's POV


"Come on guys.. We don't got all day" I rushed my crew in the walkie talkie. They were running around like fucking idiots. I mean come on.. It's 1 simple job. All they gotta do is: go in Brian's garage, hotwire 3 cars, and drive out with them. That's all.

"We're trying" Jacob said through the walkie talkie. I had enough.

"I'm on my way" I said getting my jacket and saying good-bye to my Fiance, Jennifer. She gave me a kiss and I walked out. I called John, who was with Jacob right now. *Ring* *Ring*...Answer the damn phone Douchebag.!!!!

"Hello?" John answered.

"Hey. I'm on my way, you better keep an eye out. Make sure Brian doesn't see you guys" I said while getting im my car. He replied with a yeah sure and I hung up. I was almost there. I stopped at a red light. Then it turned green. I sped off. I got there and hopped out. I sneaked into the garage and hotwired 2/3 of the cars. The last one won't budge. John and Jacob left in the 2 cars. Now it was only me and Daniel.

"You try Dan. If you can't get it. The I don't know." I said sighing. Why in the hell would Brian steal my cars. Next time I see him. I'm seriously going to punch him in the damn throat.

"Can I try?" I turned quickly to see a guy standing there in some black sweats and was shirtless.

"Uhhh. Sure.?" I shrugged I picked Daniel up by his shirt and let the kid do his thing. He got the car within 5 minutes. DAMN.

"You know. I could use someone like you. But I got one question. Can you race a car as well as you can hot wire?" I asked punching his shoulder. He smiled.

"Sure. I'm Justin." He said holding his hand out.

"I'm Dominic. But call me Dom." I said grabbing his hand and doing a quick handshake. He nodded.

"You got a ride?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Uh. No. I was kicked outta my place. My psycho EX girlfriend kicked me out like this." He said running his hand through his hair.

"Well you can stay at my place. As long as you can help me with any. Uhhh. Let's call it missions.?!" He nodded.

"Alright. Thanks Dom. I really appreciate it man." He said getting into the passenger seat of the Bugatti. I got into the drivers seat and I told Daniel to go in my ride. We left and got home about 20 minutes later. We got out and parked all the cars in my secret garage underground. I locked them and walked into the house.

"Hey guys. Listen up." I said walking into the house. They all looked my way.

"Guys this is Justin. He's staying with us for a while. Justin, this is Daniel, Jacob, John, Marcus, Jason and that." I said grabbing my fiances waist. " is mine. Her names Jennifer. Off limits." I said kissing her. Justin greeted the guys while Jennifer lead me into the kitchen.

"What's he doing here.?" She asked a little concerned.

"I needed help. He's a great kid. And very helpful." I said shrugging.

"Okay. Just be careful baby." She said kissing me. I kissed back and smiled. Hopefully he'll be great help. I mean I did save Daniel and Jacob from the streets. I met John and Jason at a race, and we just clicked. And Marcus found me. He thought I had great potential. He was the leader. But now I am and he's just a part of the group. Kind of like Vice President. Okay. Well imma show this kid around.

"Justin!" I yelled for him.

"Hey Jen. I'm showing him around okay?" She nodded and walked into the living room. Justin ran in.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"I'm showing you around. Let's go." I said. We walked into the living room, then kitchen. Then basement. Then we walked upstairs where all the bedrooms were at. Mine and Jenny's, Marcus's, John and Jacob shared one, and Daniel usually has his girlfriend over, Then there was my little sisters room. I guess he could stay in there. I mean she isn't here, hasn't been in a while.


"Jesse!" I yelled towards her. She was walking into her room.

"What Dom?" She asked snotty.

"Where are you going?" I asked. She went into her closet and grabbed a suitcase.

"Away." She said grabbing about 7 crop tops, 7 t-shirts, 7 sweats, 2 sweatshirts, 2 kicks/shoes, 7 skinny jeans.

"How long?" I asked leaning against the door.

"I don't know. A while." She went into the bathroom and packed most of her necessities. Then she grabbed 2 guns from under her bedside table and placed one in her waistline of her leather pants. She put the other in her knee length boot. Then she grabbed a leather jacket to cover up her Red Bandeau.(A/N: It's like a Bra/Shirt thing. Look it up. Google it.) she zipped it up all the way.

"Why?" I asked walking towards her and grabbed her by the wrist and hugged her tightly. Crying just a little. I've never cried this much. She hugged back.

"I gotta train. If I can't take care of myself, I'll get you hurt. I can't do that to you. Plus, all these guys here are creeps and every time I need you, you're there, but it makes me mad knowing I can't do much. You know, after moms death and dad's disappearance, I thought it was all my fault. I mean I practically shot her. I hurt everyone. Just let me leave. Eventually I'll come back." She said letting go and tying her hair in a high ponytail.

"No baby please. I'll keep you safe here." I said getting on my knees. She grabbed her now zipped suitcase and walked downstairs to her Ferrari and put in the back. She ran to me and hugged me tight. And whispered:

"Bye Dom. I love you so much." Then she kissed my cheek and ran into the car and just like that. gone!

Back to Reality

It's been about 2 years now. I miss her a lot. I mean she left when she was 16.. On her own. I didn't know what to do. I was a 18 year old leader of a gang. I had to stay. But now I'm 20 and she should be 18 next week. I coughed and looked at Justin who was staring at me staring at her bed.

"You can stay in here." I said looking away quickly. He nodded and walked in. I walked to my room and grabbed spare clothes and spare toothbrush and towels for him to use. I walked back and gave them to him.

"Use these. Tomorrow we'll buy you some stuff." I said bluntly. The thought of my sister out I the world alone. It just makes me rough. He nodded and I walked into my room and went to bed leaving everyone downstairs. I laid there thinking of her. Gosh, i miss her. Then I passed out.


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