The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


19. Two Months

No ones P.O.V

It had been two weeks since Emma had exploded within herself and somehow, the once jagged pieces were now smooth and fit together. Kye and Emma had talked all night and concluded that although Emma had done some unforgettable wrongs, maybe if she explained and really apologised they may not be forgotten but forgiven.

One week after that night, Emma had organised Kate and her group to come around when her room mate was out on the Friday night. Difficult for Bella and Ruby to finally agree to give Emma a chance, the group agreed to allow Emma the opportunity to right her wrong.

Today, two weeks after that first night, is the day which the second monthly report is due.

Emma's Report

Society. Society rules. Society rules the actions of all . Societies values, stereotypes, they all play a role in individuals life. Society constructed a stereotype for me, and I foolishly fell into the trap, embracing the horrible reputation I was to soon develop. You may be wondering what this has to do with my partner but I promise it relates.

Friends and enemies the really seem so similar to me at the moment. The people I believed were my friends were those that escalated my downfall and encouraged me to increase the severity. Those I believed to be my enemy they seem to be anything but. I had created those enemies relying off the fact that my friends were there to support me and positively effect my life. But I had been dragged into societies concrete stereotypes and had created a tunnel which I viewed the aspects if my life.

But at the start of the month my partner and I had a falling out because of my actions towards my 'enemy' and he had had enough. He knew before I did the effect my 'friends' were having on me and I refused to clearly see what was truly going on.

So for two weeks we barely talked and he had no intention of listening to my childish talk which really developed from my 'friends'. But sitting alone two weeks ago my thoughts over came my senses and I was given the ability of realisation. My views, my ideas and feelings grew in maturity and I realised the effect I was having on others and myself. So swallowing my pride I apologised to my 'enemy', the girl I believed was out to get me who really did no wrong.

All of this led me to the dorm room of my partner. To say I was shocked would be an understatement when he listened. He listened and had genuine concern and understood my reasons. To live in a world where friends and enemies were confused you can imagine how shocked I am to discover someone genuinely cares. The project has given me the ability to grow and develop as an individual because I have been blessed with the most amazing partner whom I have the privilege of building a relationship with. I don't mean to make it sound dramatic but Kye has been a positive driving force who has impacted my life in the most positive light and it amazes me that It had only been 2 months.

Kate and Niall still were in denial or scared to move their relationship in any direction. It concerned Kate that Niall had shown no more interested but little did she know that the butterflies that swarmed Niall's stomach weighed him down and caught any words from leaving his mouth. The group grew frustrated with the lack of development in there relationship, minus one particular individual who was still determining whether his feelings were true or not.

Hey guys!!! So I hope your enjoying this! I kinda just wanted an over view which is why I had just the general look with no POV.

Comment please guys I wanna talk!!! Any one who is giving me support thank you so much xx

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