The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


3. Niall James Horan

Kate's P.O.V

The group had split up and left to get to know their partners, leaving Niall and I in the dorm. He hand blonde hair, although I could tell it was dyed. He had straight teeth, which I knew were helped by braces. Gorgeous eyes and my favourite factor of him was his laugh. He was taller than me by a fair amount luckily because I just hate guys being shorter than me.

Walking back to our small two-seater lounge, I placed the glass on the small coffee table for Niall.

"Thanks." He beamed.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked leaning my chin on my knuckles.

"I want to get to know you Kate...." He looked at me asking to drag on my name.

"Kate Elizabeth Mason." I grumble back. I hate my middle name so much and I hated sharing it with Niall even more so."

"Niall James Horan. It really is a pleasure." He replied in a posh accent stretching his hand for me to shake.

"That it is kind sir." I replied shaking his hand stifling a laugh.

"I know we should get into the list we wrote for each other but I'm sure you have questions I probably didn't answer so why not a game of 20 questions?" he asked excitedly. He is always happy and there is no way to stop that, I have noticed. I liked his personality though, he seemed so care-free and laid back.

"Okay Horan you first." I couldn't help but notice the slight chuckle that came from him when I said that. Oh well, he'll get used to it.

"Alright Mason. What can't you live without?"

"Easy, music." I smiled back at him.

"Well we have something in common." He replied with a huge grin.

"You play." I asked pointing to my acoustic guitar.

He didn't reply just stood and walked to get it.

"What song?" He asked

"How about Ed Sheeran?" I smiled back. The strumming filled me ear and soon after his voice. It was so smooth, so distinct and so perfect. I was in a complete trance, in awe of the boy in front of me. It was during those few minutes I really noticed him. I noticed how his eyes sparkled when he sung, how his face scrunched up in concentration during the longer notes. He seemed so free singing, like it was meant for him.

I didn't want it too finish but I knew it had to. I just sat there with a tiny smile plastered on my face looking at the boy who was looking down at me with a huge grin.

"Niall, I'm not being a suck up but that was amazing." I smiled back at him.

"I wouldn't mind hearing you one day." he sat down resting the guitar against the arm of the chair.

"Maybe one day Horan." I replied back cheekily.

For the next two hours we just talked and found out the tiniest things about each other that we hadn't written down. During the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I was to get someone like this. I'm sure many girls are going to fall for guys they are partnered with or the friends partner during the year. But me, I don't want to ruin anything I have with Niall, this year its all about friends.


So this is realllllllyyyy short and crap and I'm soooo sorry but I have huge writters block and I just can't think but I wanted to do a chapter. The next chapter is going to be a challenge so hopefully that will help out with a little excitement ahhh I just thought this idea would go smoothers anywayssss

Thanks for the support like, favourite comment and what not

Love Tay xx

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