The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


15. First 5

Niall's P.O.V

I was already in Kate's dorm waiting for her to get back from class. When I'm with Kate I completely forget that she is actually project, in the nicest way I could possibly put that. So today I told myself I would get to know some of her 20 points and maybe she could know some of mine.

The door opened and Kate walked over to me with a smile plastered on her face. I couldn't help but smile back, and the butterflies exploded again. How! How does she do this!

"Hey Kate." I said as she sat down as I instinctively wrapped my arm around her. It was natural now to hold her when ever I was with her and I loved it this way.

"Hey Ni" she turned to look at me and smile.

"So I was thinking that we should probably do something productive today like know some of the 20 things we wrote down." I said as I watched her face change.

"Oh shit! I forgot about all of that!!" Kate almost yelled making me laugh.

"Well I don't know how it works maybe tell me one then ill ask about it?" I said unsure. She agreed and went and found her sheet. I had a book in my bag to write stuff but didn't want to seem stupid, or weird. I'll write it down after.

"Do you want me to go first?" I asked and she nodded in reply.

"1. I have an older brother."

"What his name?"

"Greg." I reply getting a satisfied nod from Kate before moving on.

" I used to play soccer." I say smiling at the memory of being at home playing.

"You liked it?" She asked I smiled brightly and nodded before moving on.

"3. I always thought if soccer didn't work out for me I would be in the music industry."

"What do you mean?" she asked. Confusion was all over he face and I realised I really didn't know how to explain this well enough.

"I used to love playing but moving last year with all the boys basically playing I decided it was way to competitive and I didn't love it enough. But I still love playing but music more. So maybe once finish I might see how that goes for me either singing, playing or writing."

"That's really cool. I'll be your first fan" She says squeezing my hand with a giggle.

"Oh you better! Anyways, 4. I hate the desert." despite my extremely serious face Kate erupts into laughter.

"WHY!?" she practically yelled at me between her fits of laughter.

"Its too hot and dry and nah I couldn't do it." I said shaking my head as she starts laughing even more. After waiting a few minutes she's finally calmed down.

"I'll do one more then its your turn. Okay, 5. The movie I could watch over and over would be 'Pursuit of Happiness' Okay your turn." I say smiling.

"Okay. 1. I'm an only child." She read before looking up at me with a small smile.

"What's that like?" I asked shifting so I was looking at her more directly.

"Ahhh its okay I guess, I was a little lonely for a while but I mean that's what you'd expect right." she smiled.

"2. My favourite colour is green" she said looking down at my green shirt. Wow coincidence.

"Why?" I asked causing her head to dart up ever so slightly.

"I don't know. Maybe cause it reminds me of grass and like an open field, maybe freedom." she said quietly as if what she said was stupid.

"Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense." I say earning a small smile from Kate.

"3. My favourite movie is She's The Man." she says with the cheesiest grin on her face.

"Nice choice Kate. There still might be hope for you." I say earing a playful slap. I love this about Kate, that I can muck around and banter with her and she takes it.

"Oh Niall we all know I'm your favourite." She said giggling. If only she knew...

"4. My favourite book, or series for that matter, is Harry Potter."

"Why?" I know many people love the books but some people have different reasons and I wanted to know every last detail about Kate.

"They are the only books I've read." she states before starting to laugh. her laugh was so contagious that I couldn't help it. We laughed for a minute and as I gained my breathe back I couldn't help but notice the small giggles which escaped her mouth as she tried to regain composure.

"5. I want to travel the world as a photographer." she said looking over at the small collage of photos I never failed to look at when I came to her dorm.

"So you really do love photography?" I asked, although I'm sure it came out more of a statement.

"Yeah I do. I like being able to capture something beautiful and being able to look at something that people may think insignificant but can hold so much meaning." And while she trailed on about why she loved photography so much I couldn't get that first sentence out of my head. Sitting there looking at her I realised what she truly meant, because all those times I had looked at her and thought how beautiful she looked, I wish I had a moment to capture it and keep it forever even though a photo would never really be able to capture it.

Hey guys!! So this is a half a filler half well you gotta know this stuff and I'm honestly gonna have to make up sooooooo much facts about Niall!! Kate's a little easier cause you know character I make up, but then again Niall will be a little different I guess.

Okay so I just uploaded a new story but it's not fan fiction.... It's about all those bad thoughts I know a lot of people suffer with. And I'll be using personal experience to write it down a little better. So please check it out :) xx

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