The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


14. Contemplating

Kate's P.O.V

Another weeks begins, another week of chaos. My mind is still stuck in two nights ago, when Kye came to Niall's dorm and apologized. At first I thought he was playing a game that it was part of her plan, but what use would that be? He hasn't come and tried to snoop around, so that couldn't be why. So there was no reason for it to be anything but he is actually a decent guy who trusted a girl he shouldn't have, and you can't help that.

The bell rang and the rest of the class filed in filly the empty seats around me and of course I didn't miss the death stare from Emma s she strutted into the room. The funny thing is, it really doesn't bother me anymore. I mean, yes I know she is going to try and start something soon because she won't stop until she wins, but is that really that scary? What could be worse than what she has already done?


The day went by slowly and every minute it was closer to Niall, the bigger my smile grew. It was safe to say he was my safety, he was my best friend, he was the one I adored. its crazy how this has worked out, that my whole idea was transformed completely and given me an opportunity so much more valuable than anything a normal school could offer. But that's just my issue, these butterflies, these teenage giggles all of this weird factors that lead up to these feelings I had that couldn't be denied, I hated it. I hated not knowing how Niall felt, I hated that I could talk myself out of anything that everyone saw to be obvious that it was more than just friends.

"Remember girls two more weeks until your next report is due" the teacher yelled as we all scrambled to get out of the door. This report has been all I've been thinking about since the last one and I have idea what to say. Do teacher want to hear we have a crush??

"Miss" I say sheepishly while standing at the doorway, to afraid to turn towards her.

"Yes Kate, but can I ask you to face me please" she says letting a small laugh slip.

"Oh yeah." I mumble turning towards her slowly. "Well, you see, with this report thing I'm just not sure to what extent you want to know." I said quietly.

"Well I don't want you to be like another student and write about what 'positions' they have tried. But if your question is about you gaining feelings then yes. I don't want to intimate details of your romance but the aim of this is to make you write exactly what you feel and why. What happened that made you like this, what series of events led to this. Its great to see the difference in every partners adventures. You Kate some partners of gone on to still be with each other now, love its fickle thing really." I nod my head and thank the teacher as I leave the room with my mind swirling with endless thoughts. What effect will this year really have on my future?


Hey guys! yeah I've been slack lately but I'm now in senior years so its kinda tough! Half way through year 11 yeah its busy haha. So I hope your enjoying it but im kinding loosing it cause I have great ideas for other stories!! so maybe ill start another and just have this as a random update kinda thing? thoughts please comment on that!!! do your thing to help the story thanks guys xx

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