The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


8. Broken

Kate's P.O.V

The pond was so quiet and the swans were so graceful. The grass I sat on was so soft, brightened by the daises that erupted. But here I am sitting in the beautiful place sobbing. My knees curled to my chest and my head buried down to block out the world. The world so full of hate and emotions. But right now I was numb. I was to numb to notice the multitude of tears streaming down my face, or the strangled cries attempting to break through so I could be heard. But my body was numb, my voice was non-existent and the world around me was a blur.


I don't know how long I've been sitting here like this, but honestly I don't care. If I could box myself here forever I would. Away from Emma and her sick plans, those plans that destroy anything good in my life. From Bella and my other friends who just wouldn't understand, but would hopelessly attempt to fix me. But mostly from Niall, the most amazing boy I've met that I have now lost. Maybe if I just told him what had happened I wouldn't be here. But who am I kidding? His reaction would be so similar.

"Kate." I hear my name being called, but the sound is so distant I don't bother looking up. But no sooner then a few seconds I feel an arm around me and I realise the numbness I feel has destroyed my sense of reality.

"Kate look at me." The desperation in his voice stirs me to look but I'm stuck. Stuck looking at the blurred dark space that is my legs.

"Kate please." A scent catches me causing me to look up but to my dismay I find Liam not Niall looking at me with pained eyes.

"Kate what happened." Liam huffs .

"Emma." I manage to croak out as more tears roll down my cheek.

"Kate tell me what happened. Niall is devastated." His name breaks me and I fall into a mess sobbing into Liam's chest.

'I'm so sorry Liam." I repeat over and over through the sobs.

"Kate can you please tell me and I promise I won't tell Niall." Liam asks desperately.

I sit up and look at Liam before sighing and giving in. For the next hour I sit explaining to Liam what happened a year ago. At first I thought maybe Niall could forgive me, that maybe we could go back to how we were, that Emma didn't win. But as the story rolls on Liam's expressions shatter any sliver of hope I was holding onto. And that is when I realise I know what broken feels like.


Hey guys I hope your liking it so far! do your thing if your liking it love Tay xx


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