The Project (One Direction Fan Fic)

Kate transferred last year to an all girls boarding school. Life seemed good with a knew group of friends and what she believed a great school.
But the school isn't exactly what she believed. Instead of doing her senior final exams the most unexpected project becomes her final mark.
The girls are pared with a boy from the linked boarding school and what they learn about their partner determines their marks.


1. Address The Asembley

Kate's POV

England's All Girls Collage.
The dream school for every girl to complete Years 11 and 12 in. The collage supplied only two years of education, yet students who attended always succeeded after. Not only was it a parents dream for their daughter to attend, but the school of every teenage girls dream.
A dorm room consisted of only two students, yet it roomed a walk-in-wardrobe and self-contained bathroom.

It wasn't my dream though, I just wanted to attend a public school. But after the cancer winning over my mother, I knew I had to do this for her. Two years ago I sent in my letter, two years ago I was accepted. So last year I packed my bags and moved, leaving my poor father behind.

"Hey Kate. Glad to see your awake." Meet Bella my roommate and best friend.
"Yeah, your the only one." I replied slowly sitting up.

I was met with the sight of my best friend smiling down at me wrapped in only a towel, shocker. It was obvious the differences we had in appearance. She had long,straight blonde hair, I had medium length brown curly hair. She had crystal blue eyes while I had hazel. I had tanned skin while she had creamy. She was stick thin and I had a toned body. The only similarity was our height me being 5"5 and Bella being 5"6.
"Kate. remember we have the assembly in half an hour about our senior year." Bella yelled from the closest where I'm assuming she was getting dressed.

Shit! I had completely forgot about that. I quickly jumped to my feet and sped to the bathroom to get ready for what was sure to be the most boring hour of my life.


"Welcome, welcome girls." Mrs Avery, our principle, sang through the microphone.

"I realise you all know the meaning for this meeting and I can assure you this is the start of an amazing year, your last year at school. Now I am here to brief you on the assessments, projects and exams this year will hold for you. I realise many other school's sit exams at the end of the year, learning about subjects such as history. But how will that help you in the future? The answer is it won't!"

By now everyone was looking rather puzzled with what was being said.

"Here we want to teach you about life. And life is people. You have to deal with people in jobs, make friends with knew people and most importantly live with other people. You see what skills will you learn about marriage or any other relationship you will have in life if your head is buried in a text book of information you will not need to know, to study for an exam that is pointless."

At this point everyone was completely lost, however, I was intrigued. What could this school do that made it's past students succeed.

"Don't be frightened all the years before this it has been the same." Mrs Avery, obviously noticing the look on everyone's faces, was trying to reason what was to come this year.

"For years we have paired with England's All Boys Collage for the senior year. Tomorrow the boys will arrive and be staying in the dorms across the lake. You will be paired with one boy and he will be your assessment, project and exams all this year.You will learn everything about him and he will learn everything about you. The assessments will be a writing a letter every month about how you truly feel about your partner. You can hate them or love them but you have to write how you truly feel and recount what has happened. The projects will be more like challenges and you will be notified two days before the challenge and outline what it will involve. The exam at the end of the year will be a written task where you have to write down 20 things about your partner, which he will have already written down which you must learn about him. You must write them all down then discuss the qualities in which you like and dislike about him. To finish the exam you must write an extended response to what it has been like to get to know him and your final view of him as a person."

Everyone sat there confused. This is not what we expected this school to be like. I had expected to study my ass off and work for a good mark. I didn't want to have to practically live with some guy and get to know him. Hell, he could be a complete asshole.
" As I said previously, 20 things are needed for the last exam so today you have to write those down and make two copies. You must submit one by 10pm tonight to the office and the other is for you to keep for your partner. However, you can't just give him the list. Every point must be discussed and once all points are discussed he can have the list. But don't get too excited girls. You will still have class but half a day the other half is to be spent with your partner. That is all girls be back here at 9 tomorrow morning to be assigned your partner and receive your timetable."


The hall was filled with loud conversations, every single one filled with shock from the news. This is not what I wanted to be doing for the next year. But for some reason I was kind of excited.

"Kate can you believe it! After not seeing guys for a year we now get to spend a whole year with one!" Bella squealed excitedly.

"I know Bella. This is amazing, I just hope he is lovely." Ruby replied. Our group had now gathered in a circle. Bella, Ruby, Anna, Eloise and I had become friends through last year. Bella and I were the only two who were friends with our roommate outside of the dorm.

"Well I guess I better go think of 20 stupid things about myself." I groaned turning to walk to the door knowing everyone would follow.

"I don't even think I can write 20 points about myself." Eloise laughed

"It will be just like 20 questions, shouldn't be too hard." Anna laughed.

"Well catch you guys tomorrow." I said as Bella and I reached our door. After saying our goodbyes I settled down with my computer and spent the rest of the day thinking of 20 facts about myself I wanted someone else to know.


Author's Note

I really hope you guys like this. I have a good idea of where I want it to go I just hope you get the concept of it haha.

I'm Taylor by the way :) comment and all the stuff I really like interacting with readers because I feel as if you guys can help me improve so much more.

Enjoy :) Tay x

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