through the dark

One Direction (vampires unfamous)
Annie's parents were killed. She watched them die. What happens when Annie meets a group of vsmpires will she fall in love or will she die?


4. Chapter 4

 Annie's POV: My name is Annie Horan. I have long dark brown wavy hair and crystal blue eyes. My brother is Niall Horan and my boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. Oh great I had to walk through that alley again to get to soccer practice. "Hello love, thought you could get rid of me?" I hear. I turn around to see Harry and a vampire Drew. I turn back around and start running. "Not so fast sweetheart." Harry says smirking and catching me. He takes me to an old abandoned warehouse. "What do you guys want from me?" I ask. "Well I love to torture Louis and he loves you so if I kill you or hurt you he'll be devistated." Harry said. I was tied up to something and Harry walked up to me and punched me in the gut then he bit me. "Don't touch her!" Louis shouts running in. "To late." Harry tells him smirking. "What did you do to her Harry?!" Louis asks. "I bit her." Harry says. I close my eyes i'm in excrusiating pain. "I'll leave you two alone." Harry says and runs out. Niall walks in. "What the bloody hell is going on!" Niall shouts. "You must be Niall i'm Louis a good vampire. I'm afraid Harry just killed your sister the only way I can save her is to turn her." Louis told him. "Fine if it will save her." Niall says then he sits down and crys.


Louis' POV: I felt bad for Niall his whole family was killed by Harry. I bit down into my wrist and made Annie drink the blood. Then I snapped her neck.


A/N: Hi guys! I hope you're enjoying Through The Dark! coment what you think. Love you darlings! Byesiez!



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