through the dark

One Direction (vampires unfamous)
Annie's parents were killed. She watched them die. What happens when Annie meets a group of vsmpires will she fall in love or will she die?


3. chapter 3

 Louis' POV: I could sense something was wrong so I waited 15 minutes then went over to Annies house.


 Annie's POV: "Drew get out of here!" I yelled. "Oh sweetie, never in your wildest dreams." He said smirking. With that he shoved me down and started kicking and punching me then he leftand I blacked out.


 Louis' POV: I ran up to Annies room and saw her lying there unconsious. Then I heard footsteps and Annie woke up she told me to hide in the closet for now. Someone walked in "Well I see you woke up." I heard a guy say. I peeked through the crack and saw Annie terrified and a guy with a knife. "Well lets see if I can get you back to sleep." The guy said. "No Drew! Please don't hurt me anymore!" I heard Annie say. Then he started cutting her arm. I heard Annie scream. I jumped out and bit him. Then I threw him out into an alley. I came back and Annie was passed out so I bandaged up her armand saw all of her bruises and scars. She woke up and I asked her about all of her marks and she told me the story of her abusive ex-boyfriend.

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