through the dark

One Direction (vampires unfamous)
Annie's parents were killed. She watched them die. What happens when Annie meets a group of vsmpires will she fall in love or will she die?


2. Chapter 2

 Annie's POV: "He's back." I told my brother Niall and I could tell he knew exactly who I was talking about.10 years ago I witnessed my parents get killed by vampires I was sitting on the stairs watching my brother had walked downthe stairs and saw my crying and I told him what happened since then now my brother is a vampire hunter and is very protective of me.


 Louis' POV: I must find her and confess my feelings for her. Right then she walked out of her house and I scooped her up and ran her to my house. She started screaming. "Shh, it's alright I promise i'll never hurt you." I told her and I meant it.


 Annie's POV: I was at Louis' house and I really liked him. We were dating now. All of the sudden I got a phone call (A/N: A for Annie and D for Drew) 

A: Hello?

D: Hey baby where are you?

A: Drew? What do you want?

D: You.

A: Go away.
D: No way. You never told anyone right?

A: No Drew I never told anyone

D: I'm at your house Niall let me in.

A: Get out of my house!

D: I'll be waiting for you

* End of phone call*

"Who was that?" Louis asked. "Drew my ex-boyfriend." I told him. " I have to go i'll talk to you later." I said to Louis. "OK bye love." He said. When I got home there was Drew. "Wheres Niall?" I asked. "He wentto the store." Drew said. Oh shit I thought to myself and ran to my room.

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