Little White Lies

"Don't. Niall! Don't!" I screamed as I saw Niall, fighting with Karl Dardison, my bully. "I know now, Amber, and I can't resist the fact that you've been bullied." I shouted, "Niall, it's okay! Please come back! Get away from him..." I cried as I saw Niall fall to the ground.


7. Liam's Mistake

Amber's P.O.V. 

Niall made me feel better... But I still can't forgive Liam. He was basically just telling me to love him. He was just like Karl, except that he used words to hurt me. 

When Niall and I walked into the classroom, Liam looked guilty. Maybe he did realize that he had hurt my feelings. 

Mr. Jenkins looked at us. He raised an eyebrow. 

"What have you two been doing? And Miss Amber, what took you so long?" 

I looked at Niall, then at Mr. Jenkins. 

"Er, Mr. Jenkins, I tripped down the stairs and I fainted, so Niall helped me up and we got back." 

That was like a total fairy-tale, but Mr. Jenkins nodded.

"Okay, Miss Amber. You two must sit down and concentrate now." 

Liam gave me a note. Without even reading it, I ripped it up into pieces and threw the remains into the trashcan. 

He was just going to hurt me again. 

Niall asked me, "What is that, Amber? Is it a note from Liam?" 

I nodded. 

"I took care of it, Niall. You don't have to worry so much about me." 

Harry stared at me. 

He asked, quietly, "What's happening right now? It's like everyone else but me knows what's going on." 

Niall and I said at the same time, "Nothing." 

Harry rolled his eyes. 

When school was over, Niall held my hand and we walked out side of the school building with Harry and Liam (GRRR). 

Louis and Zayn were waiting for us. 

Harry said, "We're going to my house today, right?" 

Everyone nodded. I was going to Harry's house today. I had to. I had to show Karl that I didn't like him. And I was going to start by not going home early. I'll go to home as late as possible. 

Louis asked, "Are you coming, too, Amber?" 

I nodded. Everyone cheered. 

"Yay! We're going to have so much fun! Since it's Friday, we usually have sleepovers. Wanna join us?" 

Oh yeah, it was Friday. I was going to be stuck with Karl for a whole weekend. I had to stay away from him as much as possible. 

"Sure. Why not?" 

The boys cheered. They looked really excited. I held Niall's hand as we walked to Harry's. Harry, Liam, and Louis looked really jealous. But Zayn seemed to be thinking about his girlfriend. 

Zayn said, "By the way, Olivia's coming, too. But she'll be going after like an hour." 

Louis added, "Oh, and Lisa would be coming, too. But she's just staying for like ten minutes. She just needs to pick up something." 

I asked, "Who's Lisa?" 

Harry answered, "She's Louis's ex-girlfriend. They broke up two weeks ago. But Lisa's mom and my mom are good friends, so she's probably picking up something for her mom." 

Harry's house was pretty close. When we arrived there, no one was there. 

Harry said, "My mom and Gemma went shopping. They won't come back until after dinner."

Louis shouted, "Let's play video games!!!" 

Niall asked me, "Do you like playing video games, Amber? If you don't, we don't need to play." 

To be honest, it wasn't my favorite thing. I was terrible at it. But I didn't want the boys to not play video games just because of me. So I decided to let them play. 

"It's not really my favorite thing, but you guys can play. I'll watch." 

The boys exchanged looks. 

"Are you sure?" Harry asked. 

"Yeah, I'm fine with it. I love watching people play," I said. 

To be truthful, I hated watching people play video games. But I didn't want to boss the boys around. 

We played video games for like an hour. Then, Olivia and Lisa came. 

"Let's play truth and dare," Zayn said. 

Olivia sat next to Zayn and Lisa sat next to Louis. Even though they broke up, Lisa seemed to still have feelings towards Louis. But on the other hand, Louis looked like he was dreading the moment. 

I sat in between Harry and Niall. 

Harry said, "Let's start with Zayn." 

Zayn gulped, he looked really nervous. 

Liam asked, "Truth or dare, Zayn?" 

"Truth," Zayn said. 

Harry said, "You can ask him the question, Amber." 

I thought for a moment and decided on a question. 

"What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?" I asked. 

Zayn's face turned red. Everyone laughed. 

"I farted while reading my report in front of the school." 

Everyone laughed so much! Zayn looked sooo embarrassed. It was amazing how he even stayed at the same school. If I was him, I would've switched schools immediately. 

Harry said, "Oh, I remember that. You went running to the back door." 

Olivia said, Oh, Zayn... You are so funny." 

Then, it was Liam's turn. 

"Truth or dare?" Harry asked. 

Liam said, "Dare." 

Louis laughed and said, jokingly, "Kiss someone in this room." 

I noticed that Lisa was staring at Liam, blushing. She was smiling. I had just noticed that she was sitting right next to Liam. 

Suddenly, Liam stood up. Lisa looked nervous. 

He walked to me and crashed his lips against mine. I felt sick. I wanted to throw up on him. Then it reminded me of the way how Karl forced me to kiss him. 

He had kissed me by force a lot of times before. 

I felt terrified and scared. He reminded me of Karl in every way. What if he was really Karl? I tried to get his face off mine. 

Niall suddenly shouted, "Get off Amber, Liam! Can't you see she's not liking it?" 

Then, he pushed Liam off. Then, my terrified and scared face was revealed. I started to cry and ran away. I felt like I was right next to Karl, about to get hit. I had to hide. 

I ran into a random room and hid under a table. I pulled a chair and the trash can in front of me that no one would see me. 


Niall's P.O.V. 

What did Liam just do? I could see Amber, struggling to get Liam off. But he kept on kissing her. I was glad I pushed him off before Amber fainted. 

She ran into a room. She looked really scared. What was it that made her scared of people who kissed her by force? Something told me that I had to know. 

I ran off after her. I walked into the room she had ran into. There, I found her, under the table. 

I pushed the chair and the trashcan out of the way. Then, I hugged Amber. 

"Amber, are you okay?" 

She nodded. 

"Yes, Niall. I'm fine." 

I pulled her out. She still looked pale and scared. 

"You know, Amber, you can tell me what's worrying you," I said. 

She shook her head. 

"It's nothing, Niall. I'ts absolutely nothing." 

We walked back to the living room, to find Lisa and Liam fighting. 

"LIAM JAMES PAYNE! You're dating with me! How could you kiss that stupid girl!?" Lisa was saying... 

Liam shouted, "Amber's not stupid. She's beautiful. And I demand that we break up." 

Lisa burst into tears and ran out of the house. Olivia kissed Zayn and followed her out. 


Amber's P.O.V. 

So it was once more just me and the boys. I held Niall's hand really tight. I had a feeling that Niall would always be there to protect me. 

Harry asked, "Are you okay, Amber? I'm sorry about Liam. He sort of gets carried away, sometimes. But he's a good guy." 

No he wasn't. He was a nightmare to me. He was like Karl. 

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