Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


9. Chapter 9: Coming Home To Me


Harry POV~


I wake up in a room, the ceilings are white and there are no windows, where am I? My vision blurs and I pass out.




Later on I awake again, still in the same room. I look around it, on the table to my left there are tons of flowers and cards saying “I hope you feel better” and “get well soon”. Was I in the hospital? A nurse walks into my room and looks like she just saw a ghost. She rushed out and starts crying out “he’s awake”. A blonde boy walks into the room and smiles so big, it was my Niall.


“OH MY GOD! YOUR AWAKE!!!” he yells.


“Yes, yes I am. Now come over here and kiss me you fool.”




“What exactly happened to me?” I asked him.


“You really don’t remember?” he asked looking quite worried.


“No, all I remember is you coming in to see me after I woke up.”


“I am going to get a doctor.”


“What? Don’t leave me already!”


“I have to Haz, you’re scaring me.”


Niall enters back in with a doctor and explains to him how he thinks I have amnesia or a mild memory loss, partial to the events. The doctor mumbles to Niall and then walks over to me.


“Harry? I’m going to ask you a few questions, is that alright?”


“Uh… sure”


“Great, so do you remember where you were last night?


“Sleeping, here I guess.”


“Do you remember a girl named Caroline Flack?”


“No…” that was a lie, the name seemed familiar but I don’t know where I knew it from.


“is she my friend?”


“OH HELL NO!” Niall barged in just to make it clear that she was definitely not a friend.


“Do you remember the police?”


“Why would there be police?”


“Oh my… Niall, would you like to explain to Harry the events from last night while I go run some tests?”


“Yeah, no prob doc” he smirked, making me giggle. I loved his smile so much, he was just angelic.


Niall just sat there on the side of my bed for the next hour telling me about the party and double checking to make sure I remembered who all the gang were. How would I forget all my friends? He then went on to talk about Caroline. He explained how we used to date and she went completely psychotic when she found out I was gay. And in the end she was shot by the police for kidnapping Niall and attempted murder, also how I jumped in front of the bullet to save Niall. I took a bullet for him, I really do love him. Niall started to whimper, then cry and started to rant on about how this was all his fault and he should have been shot instead of me.


“It’s not your fault Nialler, you didn’t do anything wrong.”


“B-b-but you got shot!”


“I know, I took the bullet because I love you so much and it would hurt me to see you in any pain or at worst dead.”


“But you could have died.”


“I didn’t though baby, I stayed strong for you.’


“Oh of course, I am just so thankful I have you in my life Harry.”


“As am I Niall.”



Niall POV~


Harry was coming home from the hospital today, after the doctor ran more tests he decided Harry could leave. Damn, it was the longest three days of my life, I can’t believe he had been in the hospital for three days, and that he got shot. After a very good argument I had convinced my mom to talk to Harry’s mom to ask if Harry could stay with me for his first week of recovery. Hesitantly his mom said yes, I was completely overjoyed. My mother sent me a text telling  me that Harry’s mom dropped off his things and that it was time to pick up Harry. I hopped into my car and drove off to the hospital. “Diamonds” by Rihanna started to play on the radio, man this was my new favorite song. I crank the volume up and start belting out the lyrics word for word.



After the song finished I pull into the front parking lot of the Holmes Chapel Memorial Hospital. A nurse wheels out Harry and his face shines like a light like a light bulb when he sees me leaning against my car. He jumps out of the wheelchair and into my arms. I carry him wedding style and open the passenger seat door and plop him down on the seat. I skip around to the drivers seat and turn the key in the ignition, off we go! Harry is coming home with me, to me.



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