Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


15. Chapter 15: Two Gold Rings


Niall POV~


“OOOOH NIALL! Buy some flavored condoms for you and Harry!” teased Perrie.


“Perrie shut up, I don’t need those.”


“OMG!!! You have never lived.”


“What do the flavors do.”


“Makes things taste better…..” her voice went quiet, embarrassed by what she just said.


“I want to get him something that means a lot to him, something he will remember until our three or six month anniversary, better yet something he will remember forever.”


“Well that might be kind of hard since you never told us what Harry fancies” adds Dani.


“Doesn’t he like maoams? He is always chewing on them during class” Eleanor comments.


“Yeah he loves maoams but I want to get him something personal, something he has always wanted.”


“Well he has you in his bed, what else could he want?” giggled Perrie.


“Guys, stop with the sex jokes, lets just go find that perfect something.”



Harry POV~


“Hey guys, I think I know what I am going to get him.” It was standing right in front of me, it was perfect; I knew he would love it.


In the list Louis had mentioned it said that Niall loved to sing and play guitar, but his old guitar was getting to beat up for him. Louis also said that he never really tells anyone, except Louis of course that he plays. Why wouldn’t he tell me? Maybe it’s because I never asked. The guitar was acoustic, a cream frame with crisp blue detailing, Niall would absolutely love it. I head up to the counter to ask how much it is when something else catches my eye, a sign promoting a recording studio. In my mind I had made my decision up, I was going to get Niall the guitar, and some studio time. So now he would have time to really get into his music, something he had apparently wanted to do for a while now.


“So the acoustic and the deluxe package of studio time” said the clerk as he rang through all the prices.


“Your total comes to £ 1550, or $2500”


“You have been together for one month and you are spending that much on the kid?” Liam said, almost passing out at the sight of the cost.


“Credit or debit?”


“Debit.” Little did anyone know, my family was loaded, the reason no one ever saw my dad is every other week he is away on business. My checking account had $67,489.00 and my savings had $893, 265.00. Gemma also had quite a bit in her accounts, so did my mom. We also did live in the largest house out of all of my friends and also I was told when I get back from staying at Niall’s my dad will be coming home for almost six months, because he had always been traveling so much for his job he finally got a break, a giant one. One where I can finally spend lots of quality time with him, and some time for him to meet Niall too. Besides that, all the money the Styles children have in their accounts is extra from what my dad makes annually, he transfers it into our accounts so we can save up for school and anything that we might need, it’s how I paid for my car, insurance and gas too.


“Are you sure your parents wont be mad when they see your card bill?” Zayn said.


“No, my mom would understand, and my dad would too, it’s all good boys.”


“Well with money like that flowing out of your pockets maybe you should be my boyfriend” joked Liam. No one really knew how loaded we were, they just new I had a decent allowance that could pay the bills on my car, and help pay for food and school trips. No one knew my dad headed a multinational company and was constantly travelling to expand his business. Heck, one magazine named him one of the richest men in the world, the good part about the money is that I was taught by my parents not to use it to buy friendship, and that’s what had really affected me the most, how modest and proper they both where. I couldn’t wait until I could see my dad again, his last trip ran a bit over a month, and before that he was only home for about four days. We could finally have that talk that I was wanting, oh yeah, he didn’t know I was gay.



Niall POV~


“So, how much do we have to spend on Harry?” asked Perrie.


“A little over three hundred, because the tattoos were $200 with a tip.”


“I haven’t seen them, besides on Facebook, can I sneak a peak?” questioned Eleanor.


“Uh sure” I take off my sweater to reveal two fully healed tattoos.


“What does the love and hate stand for?” Dani asked me.


“Love, is for the things in your life that you obviously care for; friends, family, boyfriends.” “AWWWE” they all sing in harmony. “And hate is for all the people who have made your life impossibly hard, but also helped it in making you stronger every day.”


“So the Love is for Harry, and the Hate is for Caroline” stated Perrie.


“Basically” I laugh, then we head into more stores, looking for that perfect something.




“Girls. Here. Now.”


“What is it?”


“The perfect thing” I am standing in front of a jewelry store, looking at these two chains, with gold rings on them.


“Oh my god Niall, you have know the boy for a month, don’t propose to him” Perrie teased.


“No, don’t you get it? The rings, I will engrave our names on to them, and the chains will have the rings on them, like a necklace, they will be like promise rings.”


“Awwwwe, Liam got me a promise ring” swoons Danielle.


“A promise to what, wait for sex? Trust me Dani, I know you guys have done it… plenty of times” I taunted.


“Shut up! Liam said he wouldn't tell the guys….”


“Well you said you wouldn’t tell the girls, but last month when it happened all you could talk about was how orgasmic he was” Perrie said.


“Guys! Shut up!” whined Danielle.


“Well I am going to get the chains and rings, I’ll show them to you once they are engraved.”


I come back to where the girls are seated outside the jewelry store, I lift up the bag and open it’s contents. One ring has Harry written on it (mine obviously) and the other has Niall written on it, for Harry.


“I just got a text from Zayn time to meet at the food court” says Perrie.


Harry POV~


I really hope he likes his present. If he didn’t I don’t know what I would do, I spent $2500 on the guy, I obviously loved him a lot. I wonder what he and the girls found? Moments after they stroll up to the table. “Nando’s?” Niall asks me. “Don’t ask me twice.”


We go off to order our food, and he looks up at me with puppy dog eyes.


“So when can I see it?”


“See what? Oh your present, Zayn went to put it in the car so you wouldn’t see it.”

“Same with Perrie, except she hid it in her purse, somewhere she thought no man would ever venture.”


“When we get back to your house we can open them in front of everyone.”


“So all the guys and all the girls are coming over just so watch us open a present?” he asked confused.


“Yes, so order your Nando’s and lets go sit down.”


After we ate the boys dragged me back to the car, and the girlfriends took Niall with them. When I got to Niall’s house Eleanor’s car was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden I hear honking behind me.


“Move your car you lazy bums!” Yelled Perrie from the passenger seat. Great, they just got here.


“Ellie, Dani, take Niall into the house and don’t let him out of our sight.”


“Same goes with you Lou and Li, take Harry in. Perrie and I will bring in the presents” ordered Zayn.


When we got into the house my mom was there with another cake, this time it said “Happy month-aversary” over top an icing rainbow. Niall’s mom and Greg were sitting at the kitchen table, and Greg had someone beside him, his girlfriend I guess.


“So Niall you can give your present to Harry first” she said, pulling out a video camera.


“Mom, stop! Your embarrassing me” he moaned.


“Okay” he said as he twirled around and grabbed a white bag from Perrie.


I fiddle with the paper and open up a tiny box at the bottom. Inside there is a handwritten note from Niall.


Dear Harry it read.


Life with you is amazing, life without you, now I don’t even want to think about. You mean the world to be babe, you are my everything. This is a token to show promise, commitment and the love between us.




Niall J. Horan


I peek into the box, there is a gold ring on a gold chain. The ring says Niall on it. I open the clasp and try to put it around my neck. “Here let me help you” my mom says as she clips the clasp together. “Thanks” I say joyfully.


“So what do you think?” Niall asks, staring at his feet waiting for a response from me.


“Words cannot explain how much I love it, how much it means to me.” Then I notice the same gold chain poking out of Niall’s shirt. He pulls out the necklace and he has the exact same ring with my name on it.



Niall POV~


“So what do you think?” I ask looking down at my feet.


“Words cannot explain how much I love it, how much it means to me.”


“I am so glad you like it!” I say playing with my own chain, I see Harry staring at my neck, realizing I am wearing a necklace too. I pull out the chain and let it rest on my chest so he can see it.


“So, now time for your present” Harry smiles. Zayn walks out holding the most beautiful acoustic guitar, mine looked like shit compared to this work of art. I had never told him that I played. I kept my music stuff in a closet in the basement, Lou must have told him.


“Th-th-this is for me?” I can barely get the words out of my mouth, I was just so overwhelmed.


“Wait, there's more”


“More? This guitar is like $500 dollars Harry! How could you spend all your money on me?”


Zayn brings out some papers in a folder with a little schedule. I open up the booklet not even bothering to glance at the cover. I look into the papers, deciphering every word as if it’s my first time reading.


“Studio time? A guitar? All for my music?” I collapse right then and there into his arms, nuzzling my chin into his collarbone.


“Thank you so much Harry, I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”


“Repay me? You don’t have to do that, besides we should get going I have a reservation for 7:30 at Catalina’s.” Catalina’s was the most high end restaurant in all of Holmes Chapel, each course there cost like $50. Why was he spoiling me so much? Then again I shouldn't be complaining.


“Let’s go get dressed then.”


As we walk up stairs we hear giggling and inappropriate noises from the gang. They are talking about how we probably not changing just getting it in while we can. When Harry and I head back down stairs we are both in dress shirts and a blazer, pleated pants and slip on dress shoes.


“Wow, look at you boys! You look so grown up.”


“Thanks mom” I say awkwardly, why did she have to be so cheesy in front of everyone.


“We better go, we are going to be late!” Harry says as he takes my hand and leads me to the garage.


“Goodbye everyone!” I shout, waving with my one free arm. We enter the garage and Harry holds open the door for me, I take his lead and sit down. He gets in on his side and stares deeply into my eyes. “This is going to be a night you will remember forever” he says.


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