Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


14. Chapter 14: Month-aversary


Niall POV~


“I love your Harry Edward Styles.”


“As do I Niall James Horan.”




“Boy’s wake up!” I fell my mom nudging us awake.


“What, I’m comfy” I mumble.


“Boy’s it is only 9:15 and you didn’t turn the T.V off.”


“Sorry mom, we’ll clean up then head up to bed.”


“You better or you and Harry won’t be getting the present I bought you tomorrow.”


“What? Present Why?”


“Well you guys obviously forgot it is your 1 month anniversary tomorrow.”

“Wow, one month” I look at Harry and he smiles. “Seems just like yesterday.”


“Yeah” he replies. “Really Ms. H you didn’t have to get us anything.”


“Yeah mom, why are you always so nice?”


“It’s because you guys deserve it, you are such great boys and you are perfect for each other, I just want to celebrate that. Plus you have a way cuter relationship than Greg and Chanel.”


“I heard that mom!” shouts Greg from the study.


“Sorry honey” she shouts.


“Well we should really get ready for bed now.”


“Yeah I’m really tired Nialler” yawns Harry.



Harry POV~


“Wake up Hazza!” Niall says jumping on top of me!


“UUUUGH! It’s too early babe.


“Don’t you want to see our presents?”


“Oh my god! I totally forgot.”


We head down stairs making sure not to make any noise. On the kitchen table there are two bags, one yellow for Niall, and one blue for me. We rustle through the tissue paper and pull out our presents. We each hold up a shirt with each other’s faces printed onto them in a heart.


“Awe, aren't these just the cutest things?”


“We should totally wear matching outfits today, since it is our anniversary” Niall says.


“Okay, lets go put them on.”


“We look ridiculous Harry!”


“But we look cute, admit that at least.”


“Fine, we do, lets just go to school.”



Zayn POV~


“Vas Happenin? Uh… Dafuq are you wearing?


“It’s our one month anniversary today, my mom got these for us” Niall looked down at his feet embarrassed.


“Aren't they just the cutest?” Perrie said clinging to my arm.


“Perrie, they started dating today one month ago, it was our anniversary the day they got together. It’s our 23 months today!”


“AAAAAWWWE! Zaynie you remembered! Only one more month until our two years!”


“Good Lord! Two years? Lou and I have only been together for 6 months and Li and Dani for 10, you guys really got us beat” said Eleanor.


“And then there is us… one month….the rookies…” Harry mumbles.


“Oh Harry? Do you want to come with the guys and I to the mall later? You know how I love my shopping.”


“Oh, we’ll take Niall with us!” Danielle squealed.


“Sure, Niall? You good with going with the girls?”


“Yeah I think I can handle them!” he smirks cheekily.


“Okay, so we will leave after school, and then meet at the food court for a bite around 6:00?”


“Sweet” everyone chimed as we walked our separate ways to class. Harry, Niall, Perrie and I all had History first Period… Oh joy!



Niall POV~


“Oh, we’ll take Niall with us!” Danielle squealed.


“Sure, Niall? You good with going with the girls?” Harry looks at me.


“Yeah I think I can handle them!” I smirk.


“Okay, so we will leave after school, and then meet at the food court for a bite around 6:00?”


“Sweet” everyone beamed then Harry, Zayn, Perrie and I all went to History class first period.


Class couldn’t have been any slower. I just sat there writing notes until my hand went numb, why was history even a subject? I suppose it is so we know about our country’s past, but why did it have to be deathly boring? Harry never turned around to look at me the whole class on the other hand Perrie and Zayn had their share of eye sex, gazes darting back and forth to each other. When the Bell finally rang I grabbed my textbooks and went off to Physics. I shared Physics with Lou and Danielle, I waved to them as they came to sit beside me.


“Another day of boring equations, great” Lou sighed.


“Class I have a surprise for you, due to your immaculate studying and 93% class average today, being a Friday will be a movie day.”


The whole class erupted into cheers and shouts. After vigorous discussion we all decided to watch Toy Story.


“If only Liam took physics, he would be so happy right now” Danielle said. Toy Story is Liam’s favorite movie by far, he never wants to watch anything else, so for Christmas last year he gave everyone the DVD of it so when he comes over he would be able to watch it at all of his friends house’s.


I went to psychology and math with Harry after lunch, then we went to our lockers to get our things for the mall.



Harry POV~


I hop into my car, Zayn, Louis, and Liam are all with me. We drive off onto the highway and head to the mall.


“So why did you send Niall with the girls?”


“The same reason we kidnapped you, to help you guys find a present for your one month” Zayn said beside me.


“So why me with you guys and Niall with the girls? Why not the other way around?”


“Because we have known you since like forever and Niall has a greater connection with the girls” Louis says, munching on a bag of carrots.


“God Lou! Do you have to chew so bloody loud?” Liam says angrily.


“No, I just do it to piss ya off!” He smiles and he goes back to chewing his carrots.


When we get to the mall it is extremely difficult to find a parking spot, we finally find one and a car cuts us off to get into it. Niall’s car. He was just trying to make it more difficult for us, that cheeky bastard. We eventually find a spot right by the entrance, we all jump out and head in to the mall.


“So where do you want to go to find your gift?” Liam asked me.


“I don’t really know what Niall likes.”


“WHAT? You lazy bum! Here I made a list of 50 thing I have learned about Niall and what he likes since I met him” Lou said handing me a list.


“Lady Gaga, Ralph Lauren, HMV, Animal toques, scarves, colored skinny jeans, blue roses, white chocolate, cheesy cards..” those were only a handful, the list went on.


“Lou, have you done this for everyone you know?” Zayn asked concerningly.


“Yeah, except your lists go almost to a thousand, I have them saved on my computer back at home.”


“You weirdo” Liam says inching away from Louis jokingly.


“Hey guys, I think I know what I am going to get him.” It was standing right in front of me, it was perfect; I knew he would love it.


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