Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


13. Chapter 13: A Real Good Lovin'

[A/N] There's going to be a sex scene in this chapter, so if you don't like these kind of things, it's better if you don't read this chapter :) 

For those who don't mind, have fun reading! _nialler_



Harry POV~



“Harry!” I turn around


“I was so worried about you, please don’t ever do that again”


“It’s okay Harry, I wont.”


“So when can I see them up close?” I said, examining the bandages on his wrists.


“I can take them off in the morning.”


“I love you Nialler” and I pulled him in for a kiss.


“I love you too Haz!”


“Wait, so how are you going to explain the tattoo’s to your mom?




“Don’t worry, I will go with you.”


We enter Niall’s house, Greg is playing video games and his mom is in the study. We open the French doors and Ms. Horan looks up at us, then down at Niall’s wrists.


“Oh my poor baby! What happened to you?”


“Nothing, I did this on my own terms.”


“What? You don’t need to hurt yourself Niall, I wish you would have talked to me.”


“Hurt myself? Wait what? No I didn’t do that mom.”


“So then why are there bandages all over your wrists?”


“I’ll show you.” Niall heads over to the computer dragging me behind him and logs onto his Facebook. He clicks on his photo albums and goes to the ones where he posted the picture of his tattoos.


“So… what do you think?” Niall’s mom went to put on her reading glassed so she could see the writing clearly.


“Love, and hate. The line work is amazing honey, where did you get it done at?”


“Hold up, Your not mad?”


“No, your eighteen and you wanted to get a tattoo, you got one, end of story. I actually like them a lot, I cant wait to see them up close!”


“That’s exactly what I said Ms. H” I said staring down Niall.


“No what I am really concerned about is why your principal called and said you skipped all of your classes today.”


“Well here’s the story, when me and Harry got to school people were gathered around a memorial, a memorial for Caroline. I didn’t believe she should get and remorse after what she did to Harry and I so I lit it on fire. And after the fire was put out and everything was burnt I decided to just leave, I couldn’t take it anymore so I just drove off.”


“Oh honey, it’s okay.” She pulled him in and he started to cry on her shoulder, I hated seeing him like this, he was just so distraught with life and everything around him, I wish I could do something to help.


“I have to take Greg out for a while, I will be home around seven.”


“Goodbye mom, thanks for understanding!”


“No problem Niall I will always be here for you.”


“Bye Ms. Horan!”


“Goodbye Harry! You boys have fun.”


[WARNING: don't read this paragraph if you don't like sexual intercourse between boys]

I turn to Niall with a devious look on my face, it was four o’clock, we had three hours to do whatever we want. Niall takes my hand and leads me up to his room, currently occupied by most of my things since I got out of the hospital. We open the door but he doesn’t turn the lights on. He turns towards me and pushes me on the bed, rips his shirt off and pounces on top of me. We kiss for a while, his lips cushioning mine, fitting together like puzzle pieces. He kissed my neck, giving me little love bites and pulls away only for me to take my shirt off. His hands rub over my chest and stomach, his cold touch an enticing sensation. I flip him onto his back and start to make a path of kisses down to his pants. I yank his pants of, taking his boxers with them and I go down on him. After a while of that, he returns the favor then lies on his back, teasing me into what was coming next, I leap onto his back and well, you know what comes next. All I can hear is breathing, the short breaths pulsating from our throats. We collapse onto the bed and lie beside each other, I pull Niall under my arm and he rests his head on my chest.


“Oh my god that was amazing Harry.”


“Why thank you” I chuckled. “You weren’t to bad yourself.”


I get up to go and get dressed, and he follows my lead. We both slip on pajama bottoms and a tee then head down to the family room to watch a movie. I reach for the remote and turn the television on while Niall finds a movie. Mean girls, he chose mean girls of all things, that’s why I loved him, you never knew what he was going to do next. He comes back over to me and cuddles up close, I put a blanket on us and he snuggles into my neck, and we start the movie.


“I love your Harry Edward Styles.”


“As do I Niall James Horan.”


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