Heart To Heart [Narry Fanfic]

Niall moved from Mullingar, Ireland to Holmes Chapel, England to have met some great friends. Two years later he develops feelings for his friend Harry Styles. Highschool is hard enough as it is but when he comes out to his friends who knows if everything will work out smoothly?


10. Chapter 10: Welcome Home Harry!


Harry POV~


“Wake up sleepy head! You’re heading home today!” my nurse says as she nudges me to awaken. So today was the day that I was going home. It was the day I would be able to see Niall. Hopefully he would be picking me up and would come visit everyday after school. The doctor had told me to take it easy for about a week until I could get back into the swing of things. “You ready to go?” the nurse asked and then shows me a wheel chair. For some odd reason it is protocol that people need to be wheeled out so they don’t collapse or die or some other shit like that. “I sure am” I nod to the nurse and hop in the chair, then she rolls me down the hall to the hospital doors.


As the automatic doors part I see one familiar face leaning against his black car. Niall. He smiles at me and makes his way over. All of a sudden he picks me up out of the wheelchair like a bride being brought across the threshold. Niall then opens the door to his car and gently places me inside then goes to his to start the car.


“So how much time do we have until my mom wants me home?”


“What do you mean? You’re not going home.” Niall giggles and looks down to his shoes, he is definitely hiding something.


“So then where are we going Niall?”


“Well anywhere you want considering you will be sleeping in my bed for the next week.”


“Huh? What? How did you manage to pull that off you sneaky devil?”


“Well, after constant nagging to my mother about it she eventually called your mom and set it up. Don’t worry though, your mom brought over clothes for you last night.”


“I’m not wearing my clothes! I want to wear yours, they are much comfier.”


“Fine, just don’t go wearing my boxers around the house, you’ll scare Greg.”


“I will try my hardest babe.” I laugh as he pulls out of the parking stall. We make our way down to the road and follow all the streets until we get to Niall’s house. It’s Sunday night so that means I get to spend all of next weekend with Niall. I am just the luckiest guy to have such an amazing boyfriend.


When we open the door no one is home, all the lights are turned off and everything is dead silent. We take our coats off and head into the kitchen to get a snack, then I hear something rustling behind me. I turn around and nothing is there, weird I thought. Niall goes to the fridge while I sit at the table waiting for him to find something to eat.


“Would you like some cake Hazza?”


“Sure, why do you have cake?” Niall takes out a big thick cake with white icing, and in blue writing “Welcome home Hazza!” and little happy faces drawn on with icing.


“SURPRISE!!!” Yell a bunch of people behind me.


“Holy fuck… you nearly gave me a heart attack!”


“Watch your language Harry!” I turn to see my mother pop up and taunt a finger at me jokingly.


“So, there where people hiding somewhere.”


“I told you he would hear you!” Perrie says to Zayn, and the kisses him on the cheek lightly.


“Not my fault! Lou has bony elbows.” Zayn said while clutching his arm in pretend pain and he glares at Louis.


“Oh give me a break pretty boy.” States Eleanor.


All my friends came to Niall’s house just to surprise me; Louis, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, My sister and mom joined too.


“You all came for me? That’s so sweet! Who coordinated all this?”


“Look at your boyfriend curly” snickers Gemma.


“Niall! You did all this for me?”


“Of course, you’re my boyfriend, why wouldn’t I do something to celebrate you coming out of the hospital for saving my life.”


“AAAWE! Your making him cry, Niall!” Danielle says as Perrie, Eleanor, and herself sigh in adoration.


“Why don’t you do things like this for us more often boys?” Perrie asks.


The girls then turn to look at the boys all crossing their arms and looking pissed that they don’t make the effort Niall made for me today.


“What? We do stuff…… don’t put us in this situation! Don’t look at us like that!” they say as they reach for things like cushions and blankets to cover their faces, laughing in the process at how goofy they must look.


Niall cuts everyone a slice of my cake and I help him pass the cake around. Everyone stayed until around ten except for my mom and Gemma who wanted to stay to tuck me in, in my mothers comprehension smothering me to death.


“Goodnight mom, I love you.”


“Goodnight Harry, love you too.”


After a long night I decide it’s time to sleep. I turn off the light, Niall is already passed out on the other side of me, I close my eyes and get ready to dream.


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