Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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14. ||♥THIRTEEN♥||

        I played with my dress and looked at Alice."Why must I wear blue underwear?"She smiled."I thought it needed a pop of color."She winked."Now come on."I rolled my eyes and followed them downstairs.I saw Paul and smiled."Ready?"He asked holding his hand out.I smiled."Ready."I said grabbing it and he pulled us out.He pulled us over to his truck and opened the door for me."Ma Lady"I smiled and got in."Thank you."he closed the door and ran around to his side.I buckled up and he started the car up.We drove on a path through the woods."Where are we going?"He just smiled and stopped the truck."We have to walk a little but you won't mind"I shrugged and got out.He walked over and picked me up."You can't see he said tossing me over his shoulder.It's a good thing this dress covers my butt.A few moments later he sat me down in front of him."Turn around."I did so and saw a huge field.He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the middle where I could finally see the picnic blanket he sat out.I smiled again."Thank you."I hugged him.I sat down pulling my legs behind me."So what are we eating?"He pulled the basket in front of him and opened it."Muffins."He sat muffins down."Turkey sandwiches" two turkey sandwiches were on Esme good plates.I giggled."To drink?" "Capri sun"He said holding out two packages."You do realize" "I know.This is all for me.For you is  blood."He said handing me a styrofoam cup.I smiled and took a sip as he ate down his food."You know what we haven't done in a while?"He asked."What?"I then rolled my eyes."Jacob,Leah,Seth."I said."I know just follow me."He said putting everything in the basket and grabbed my hand.I stood up and he pulled me through the woods again.We stopped at a tree house.He smiled and pulled me up the stairs.I held his hand but bent over and slid off my converse.I smiled and stood up seeing he took off his boots."And this is out of hearing distance"I smiled and let him drag up a small flight of stairs and to a bedroom and that's when the fun began from my dress being pulled off to him laying by me.
~Two Hours Later~
        I smiled at the sleeping Paul and stood up.I grabbed my underwear and Paul's shirt and slid them on.I walked outside to the sunshine and my arms began to sparkle.I smiled and went through every memory of last night.I walked back in and Paul was still sleeping soundly.I took this as the thoght I should see if he has food in here.I walked downstairs to the mini kitchen and flipped on the radio.I don't know the song that was on but all I know I was swaying my hips to the beat while making pancakes,eggs,bacon,and sausage patties.I sat the patties in place on Paul's plate next to the pancakes but not touching the eggs then sat the bacon on top."Mmm something smell's good."Paul commented stretching as he walked downstairs"and some one looks good in my shirt."I smiled and he grabbed his plate and sat down on the couch in the living room,it sat more outside.I laid in the hammock and looked over at Paul."Who taught you how to cook?' "My dad and a little help from Esme."He nodded."I love you."He said.I looked over at him and stood up.He watched as I sat next to him."I love you too"He smiled and kissed my forehead."We should head back."I nodded and ran upstairs and slid on my dress that had one tear in it.I grabbed my jewelry and wiped off the rest of my makeup.I threw Paul his shirt and we walked back downstairs.I slid on my converse and we left grabbing the basket we left in the field last night and went back to his truck."Alice is gonna want to know EVERYTHING and so with Ren,Rose,Mom,and Esme"He smiled."Tell them how amazing I was."Just to play with him I sent him and uneven grin."What?" "You weren't that great."He scoffed."Tell me that when you aren't moaning my name."He said kissing my cheek then starting the car.If I was still human I would be blushing right now.We pulled up to the house and Ren ran out and pulled me out of the truck."Tell us!"She screamed pulling me inside and to her room.I walked in and mom threw me some clothes(Ren was wearing the Big sis outfit)I quickly changed and told them."Oh my god you need to get married!" "After you.I'm not taking your shine"She nodded."Yeah,Alice would be pissed."I smirked and we continued our conversation until Paul and Jake came in.Our eyes widen."What did we do?"Ren grabbed my hand."Oh nothing."I squeezed her hand and I felt her grip my hand as I teleported us behind them.They looked confused and turned around.I teleported us downstairs and everyone just laughed at us.As we kept teleporting behind Paul and Jacob.One last wish on this bucket list,to be hybrid again.

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