Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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*Jalice's POV*
        I groaned as Aunty Alice dressed Ren and I in similar outfits.Ren pulled on her blue tank top.I played with the curls that Alice had put in both of our hair.There was a knock on the door and Daddy walked in with Mommy behind him.Ren and I both ran to Mommy hugged her tightly."We have to go downstairs.Grandpa will be here soon."We both nodded and walked downstairs.Our shoes lit up each time we took a step.We finally got to Grandpa Charlie."Dad this is Renesme and Jalice."We smiled at him.''Your nieces." "Daughters."Daddy corrected."Oh right the adoption papers."Ren and I both gave a confused look to each other then our parents."Renesmee's got your eyes Bella."Mommy shrugged."Jalice has a beautiful green kind of like yours Edward."It was Daddy's turn to shrug.I dropped my smile and walked away getting bored with the adult conversation.Ren followed.Our smiled came back wider as soon as Jake and Paul walked in.Paul kinda imprinted on me.Daddy and mommy both were mad.I ran up to Paul hugging him as tight as I could.Paul picked me up and planted a kiss on my cheek.I poked his chest."Put a shirt on."Ren and I said at the same time.The guys laughed."Girl's time to get measured!"We sighed and walked over to Granpappy Carlise.Ren was first she was the oldest.He marked her height then wrote Nessie on the line.I went to the same wall as Nessie backed away.I stood up straight and tall with my heels,butt,and back to the wall.I felt the marker slightly touch my head.I pulled back as I heard him write on his paper.I was a slight inch shorter than Ren.How'd I know my line said Jace then was underneath Ren's.He put's the date on it too.Grandma Esme came over."It's time to eat you two.Paul,Jacob you too.Go get Leah and Seth.I've made enough."Jake and Paul jogged outside as Ren and I raced to the kitchen getting on the high bar stools and eating the omelets,pancakes,and bacon that grandma made us.Seth,Leah,Paul,and Jake walked in grabbing their plates.Leah sat next to Seth who sat next to paul who sat on my left.Jake sat on the right of Ren.I finished my bacon and moved onto the omelet and pancakes.I felt someones hand on my cheek and quickly turned to Ren looking into her caramel eyes.'I want orange juice.Ask for some.Please sissy?I'll love you forever.'I scoffed and pulled her hand from my cheek holding it still 'You have to love me!I'll ask anyway I want some too.'I quickly turned back seeing them all staring at us curiously."Ren and I want orange juice.Please."Grandma nodded and got down a cup and got out orange juice,once she poured it she put a green silly straw in my blue cup and a blue silly straw in Ren's green cup.Green is my favorite color and blue is Ren's.We both quickly finished our breakfast and hoped down.As if on cue Ren's hand flew to my cheek.'Let's watch a movie.' I took her hand from my cheek and held eye contact 'Yeah.Barbie in The Twelve Dancing Princesses?'She dropped my hand and ran to the movie case getting it out.I sat on the couch and watched as she put it in and came to sit next to me.We got about half way threw before Charlie,mommy,and daddy came in.Ren paused the movie."Well girls Grandpa's gotta go.It's was nice meeting you."We both got up and hugged him together.We let go and sat back down going back to our movie.Ren's feet were propped on my lap while her head was on the arm of the couch.My head rested lightly on the arm of the couch while my legs sat crossed.Jacob and Paul came in laughing at our position.I watched as Paul and Jacob started turning off our movie!"No!"They turned to us."The game will be on in a while though."We rolled our eyes."The movie will be over in a little while.Deal with it."Renesmee and I high-fived once they walked out groaning.'It's not fair!They get the TV everyday.'I giggled hearing Jacob's thoughts.One of my many talents.'Jace and Ren come here.' I sighed and tapped Ren's leg's"Daddy wants us."She nodded and paused the movie.We got up and walked to the kitchen.Ren and I grabbed the back of Paul and Jacob's shirts before they could leave."Bella's going to take you two WITH PAUL AND JACOB to see the snowflakes."We smiled and ran upstairs to our room to change into warmer clothes.I smiled seeing our outfits.We quickly changed and ran back down.Paul and Jake had already phased and were outside waiting for us.We following mommy outside to the backyard.Mommy put Ren on Jake's back and me on Paul's.They took off to the field and Mommy ran in vampire speed.We were at the field in no time.Ren and I jumped down looked at each other and jumped catching a snowflake.We ran up to mommy.She smiled."Go catch another one."We jumped again catching another.We fell to our feet seeing mommy ran off.We got back on Paul and Jake after a while and met back up with mommy,then going home.We got off the boys and ran inside.We walked upstairs to get a bath and change.Alice and Rose followed us.Alice took me to her room and Rose took Ren.I stripped and got into the warm bath.I bathed my self then Alice washed my hair.I got out and dried myself off.Alice dried my hair then pulled it into a bun.By the end I was dressed.I walked out and smiled seeing Ren in her normal cat pajamas.We walked downstairs for supper and heard Daddy playing the piano.We ate the quickly went to watch him."Okay girls off to bed."We gave everyone a kiss on the cheek and followed Daddy and Mommy to the cabin.We said our goodnights the walked into our room.I crawled into my bed on the left side and Ren climbed into hers.Mommy came in and shut off the light."Goodnight girls." "Goodnight mommy."I closed my eyes rolling over."Night Ren." "Night Jace"and I was awarded with darkness.

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