Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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10. ||♥NINE♥||

        I was sitting in the kitchen twirling the straw in the fake human blood.Grandpa had me drinking it until I had the strength to kill animals.Alice had taken me shopping already.It was about 4 o'clock and I waited for my family to get back.It won't be until tomorrow.Paul was staying here with me to keep me under control so I didn't go on a rampage out of no human blood.I sipped it and felt arms around my waist.The warmth was to familiar.I leaned back resting my back on his bare chest.I could feel his warmth on top of my back as I was wearing a tube top.I could feel his breathing on my ear as we just stayed there.I turned in my seat and looked at Paul."I don't really love Alec,you know?"He looked at me."But yet you still fucked him,after I left."I looked down and looked back up tear that weren't able to spill felt as if they were about to."I honestly don't know just.I never pictured Alec in that place it just happened."Before I could say anything Paul was pulling me toward his guest room.I kicked off my heels and Paul and I were kissing.My back slammed against the bed and he pulled of his belt and shirt.I unzipped the back of my skirt.I slid off my skirt and top leaving me in my bra and panties.Paul had examined my body and took off his pants.The tent people call and erection,showed more through his boxers.He started kissing my neck and unclasping my bra.His thumbs hooked in my panties and started pulling them down.I didn't realize he had pulled off my jewelry until I saw the gold and silver all over.His boxers came off and things go REALLY heated.
        I held the sheet to my chest and looked over at Paul."Better than that leech right?"I nodded."Better than him.Way better."He smiled and kissed my lips.I got up and slid on his shirt.I walked out and into Ren's room.I grabbed a pair of my underwear and slid them on under Paul's shirt.I walked out and went to the kitchen."Are you hungry?"I asked him.He nodded yes."Good thing I'm related to Esme."He nodded.I got the bacon,eggs,pancake mix,and some biscuits.I started making some scrabbled eggs using a dozen eggs.I sat them down when I was done then continued to flip pancakes and move the bacon around.I put them all together on a plate pulling two biscuits off the pan sheet and put some jelly in the middle.I sat next to Paul as he ate."You should cook for me more often some times with desert right after."I rolled my eyes as he winked."I'm gonna get dressed."He nodded and continued to eat.I walked into Ren and I's room and grabbed an outfit,after my dress was on I slid on spandex shorts over my underwear.I walked out right as I heard the door open.I saw everyone just scramble in."What happened while we were gone."I quickly put my shield over Paul and I causing Daddy to glare."Like you couldn't hear them before I put the shield up."He shrugged.Ren made a face."EWW!"I smirked."Twin telepathy aye?"She looked at me grossome."DON'T PUT THAT IMAGE IN MY HEAD!THAT'S JUST NO!KEEP THAT PART OF YOUR LIFE TO YOU TWO.''I laughed."Stay out of my area and maybe you wouldn't see things like that.and just to let you know.It was fun.'I winked and soon Rose and Alice got the hint and bursted out laughing then Mom joined in.'Yes please keep that to yourself.So are you staying  her considering THAT happened."I nodded at Rose."I keep mine to myself if you quiet yours."She looked like she could be blushing right now."You-You heard that."Ren and I nodded."Ren couldn't sleep.She went and slept on her balcony while I watched for predators."They all nodded."What were you girls talking about?"Grandma Esme asked."Sex."Everyone's face twisted in realization."What you all have it don't act like you don't clearly we need sound proof rooms.I mean Ren-"In an instant I was pinned down Ren's hand over my mouth.I projected a picture into her mind.It was when I walked in on her and Jacob.She blushed and stood up and grabbed my hand."Have fun."I winked and walked to her room going to the balcony.I have my family,again.

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