Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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12. ||♥ELEVEN♥||

        I've been training my abilities a lot but so has Ren and Mom.Alice won't tell me why and my visions have been off lately so Ren and I have been Daddy's Princesses to get it out.Any time I try reading their minds mom goes and uses her shield.It's annoying,really.Now I understand Dad.Anyway I was getting dressed into something Alice picked out for my style and Ren walked in."Daddy's on to us put up your shield and use it on my mind.Please."I nodded and slid on my flannel and tucked in my green tank top.I pushed my shield toward Ren and we walked downstairs."Hi Daddy."Ren and I said in unison"Hi girls."I got into his mind as mom wasn't around.'They'll have to go to Isle Esme if they don't train.I can't believe Alec told Aro-Get out of my head Jalice'I looked at Ren and grabbed her hand and spoke to her through mind"Find mom and ask about Isle Esme..Daddy said we would have to go there if we don't train"She nodded and ran off."Why would we have to go to Isle Esme and what did Alec tell Aro?"Daddy shifted in his seat."Something I don't want to worry you about." "But why make your two loved daughters and wife train much rather than be safe at an Island."He looked at me."I want to keep you safe.All of you.I really do.But Alec would find you."I looked away as Paul walked in."Fine but you have to tell me why."I said getting up and going to the kitchen.I sat down next to Ren and grabbed her hand."any luck?"She shook her head"No all she said was it's safer to be here than alone on the island.You?" "Same"relapsed the memory of daddy and I talking and let her see.I pulled back after the vision was gone and nodded at her.Jacob and Paul walked in.I pretended to be mad at Paul again.He sighed."C'mon I was Joking Jalice.Baby.I'm sorry.''I shook my head and held my straight face."Jace,Jacey.Please.It's killing me.You know it is."I couldn't hold it and bursted out laughing."I'm amazing."He looked confused."I wasn't really mad like honestly."Soon everyone else had joined.We waited for the wolves and Ren to finish eating while I drank animal blood Grandpa was now putting in cups for me to get used to it and change my eyes quicker.He also says it will make my agility better."Now let's go train."We walked outside and through the woods the the field."Okay so start with Jalice.Change someone's mood.Don't tell us who or what you changed just do it.Try doing it without staring at them"I nodded and focused on everyone's moods.I could feel each one.Ren was fear,worry,and love.I decided to change her fear and worry to excited and crazy.She started jumping around and hugging everyone and speaking.I changed it to Calm and mutual.She slowly calmed down."Good work.Now teleport.Again don't stare or stiffen you want to be able to move quickly faster than running.Jasper is going to try to hit you and I want you gone before he can get close to you."I nodded and Jasper and I got into fighting position "Three.Two.One"His fist came up and I teleported quickly by Jacob.They all clapped and laughed as Jasper lost his focus and fell over."Thank you." "Next ability,visions.See if you can control them."I nodded and tried not staring.I moved my eyes and saw the vision.Hands danced across the piano and my voice filled the room.It was soft and sweet.The room was all white and my family stood in there.Ren and I sang Mother's Lullaby and kept each pitch perfect.The room faded out by the music continued as a fight was upon us.I was teleporting and predicting each move before any of the Volturi could see it.I had snapped a few heads off and projected my shield farther than normal.I changed moods and sat fires.Everytime I grabbed someone I would project random pictures into their mind to catch them off guard.A few more heads were snapped but they weren't the Volturi's.My own mothers head along side my fathers sat at my feet.I screamed and fell backwards catching all attention.I forced myself out of the vision."Good.What new talent did you see?" "I controlled fire."He nodded."Try it.Emmett get a log for her."Emmett went and came back just as quick with am log.I looked at it and thought fire and burst into flames."Try other elements."Grandpa said.I thought Water and a water puddle appeared next to the log,then wind the wind blew and put the fire out then I thought earth and a piece flew up."Nice."I heard Paul."Okay ,mutate things."I looked at the burnt log."Don't use your hands.try not to"I nodded and tried moving my hand a little causing the log to snap."Now last one shield the whole field.Around Jasper."I stretched it as far as possible covering the whole field except Jasper."Jasper your turn."He shook his head after a while."Nothing."I smiled and pulled my shield back.'Amazing.Nessie you're turn try not touching or looking at people to speak.Try with Jace."She nodded and focused on Daddy."Can you hear me."I nodded."I can hear her."I said."Ok Nessie and Jace go work on tricks or gymnastic skills.Like back flips,and kart wheels,or hand springs.Also fight skills like punching,kicking,and ducking."We nodded and walked to the other end of the field.I did a few aireal kart wheels,back hand springs,one handed kart wheels,and some back flips.Ren following along.We ducked each others punches and kicks and back flipped out of them or anything.
~After Trianing~

        I was walking with a worn out Paul."How'd you do so good.'I looked at him and the bruise I caused."I was in the volturi remember and that should heal...I'm sorry.'I said kissing the bruise on his arm.We finally got inside.'Gonna take a shower."They nodded and I went upstairs going to Ren's room and grabbing some clothes I walked out of her room and into Alice's bedroom or her closet with a bathroom and bed."I'm gonna use your bathroom to shower Ren's in hers."She nodded and I walked in.I started the shower and stripped down.I climbed in and did my business.I got out and dried off.I wrapped a towel around my chest and secured by pinning it with a bobby pin(A/N:Do you do this.I feel like I'm the only one to do this.)I plugged in the hair dryer and dried my hair.I did the other things and got dressed.I slid on my sweater and walked out."Thank you."I said pulling my bangs out of my ponytail."Welcome."I walked downstairs and saw football on.I jumped over the couch and landed in between Jasper and Emmett.It was Redskins versus Vikings.I sat watching the game as intently as them.The game ended and the Redskins won.I jumped up."Yes!"I heard Daddy laugh."Just like your Uncles."I smiled and nodded."Always like my uncles."I said pulling them into a hug.

(This chapter is 1119 words.The last chapter was 458.)

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