Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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19. ||♥EIGHTEEN♥||


Oh the day I wanted.Alice played with Ren's dress,hair,makeup,and shoes while Rose tweaked mine.I smiled at Ren and we hugged trying not to cry.Mom and Dad walked in."Oh my."Mom whispered and hugged us."Don't ruin my masterpiece."Alice said handing me a tissue.I laughed and dabbed it under my eyes as Dad hugged me then Ren."Beautiful,beautiful girls."He said smiling.One Dad left Alice and Rose pulled off their robes revealing their dresses.Esme walked in her heels clicking on the floor."Beautiful."Mine and Ren's bride's maids were Kim,Emily,and Leah who will all be wearing the same dresses and heels.My maid of Honor is Rosalie while Ren had Alice.We were also having Claire as our flower girl and Brady be our Ring bearer.
        I nervously held my bouquet of flowers looking at the closed doors.The others went about a five minutes ago so we'll be here a few more.Ren was on dad's left side while I was on his right.The doors open and 'Here Comes The Bride'played.We started walking and came half way.We both kissed dad's cheek and walked together hand held like when we were younger to Jake and Paul.We let go of eachother squeezing our hands before and met them.
        I smiled in the kiss getting tons of awws.Ren and I threw our bouquet turning around to see Kim and Leah catch it.We all smiled squealing.We walked to the back yard where Alice sat up the reception.I nearly cried of joy when we walked back there.A freaking fairytale was set up.There were two cakes(Jalice and Paul's-Ren and Jake's)I turned around and hugged Alice.We went and sat at our table putting me and Ren in the middle with Jake and Paul on either side.Alice was the first to speak."When you were born I couldn't help but want to cry.You both had immese beauty and from the start.I knew you would both be very talented girls and grow up fast and I felt like I was gonna lose you.I don't know what happened when the volturi came as I was late.All I know is Jalice became our rock.When you came back it was like seeing an angel.Nessie grew a lot noticing how you were gone and it hurt us all.Your smile brought hers and I guess that was just a twin thing.We were always confused when you would talk through your mind as Jalice would put up the shield which annoyed Edward.All I'm saying is I love you girls and I just don't want you growing up to fast."We smiled.Next was Rose."Where do I begin?It was raining the day you were born.Did you know that?I always loved how Jalice was the rain baby while Renesmee was more the sun.You two were the same until you looked about thirteen then things changed but you were still best friends.When you both got imprinted on it took my whole strentgh,Emmett,and Jasper to calm me down.I was about to break Jake and Pauls neck's until I saw how happy you both were with them.I'm still a little iffy on the whole wolf thing though."Skipping to Daddy's speech."My Beautiful girls.Don't grow up too fast.Though I can say I can't wait to be a grandpa!You both had that special gleam to your eyes that you still have.I love you both.Please don't leave me alone."I wiped my tears and stood up with Ren and hugged him."We won't Daddy."We both whispered.
                I pulled my hair too one side playing with my bracelets."Ready?"Paul asked as our car pulled up as Ren and Jake drove off."Totally."He smiled and kissed me."Right this was..Mrs.Lahote."I smiled."After you Mr.Lahote."I said and he pulled me to the car opening the door I slid in."I love you."I said."I love you too."I yawned."Get some sleep.I'll wake you when we're there."I smiled at him and pecked his lips."Goodnight."I whispered laying my head on his shoulder.

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