Life Of A Talented Cullen

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Jalice Rosemett Cullen is the talented younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen.When the battle comes up they prepare training everybody,including Jalice,with their powers.The battle was stopped when Jalice offers to be the lab rat to the Volturi leaving her family,your best friend,and her true love behind so she can keep her family safe.What happens in The Life Of A Talented Cullen.

All rights go to Stephenie Meyer,only character I own is Jalice Cullen.
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9. ||♥EIGHT♥||

~One Week later~

^Vampire Form^
        I gasped and opened my eyes.My eye sight was much better.I looked over seeing Alec his eyes were closed and his head was in his hand.I smiled and ran over to him.I grabbed his hands.He looked at me and stood up engulfing me with a hug."So Princess wanna change?"I nodded"Yeah."My voice was angelic.I noticed I was in Alec's shirt and a pair of shorts."You change me."He nodded"Okay."I opened my closet and saw in my mirror a different girl.My blonde hair was glowing,I had red eyes,my body was perfect.I smiled and grabbed an outfit.I walked to the bathroom and changed.I saw Alec and walked to him gracefully.I hugged him."Woah.Don't break me."I smiled and held my throat."Your hungry."I nodded and we walked to the Throne Room.I opened the door and Father smiled."Immortality is you.Let's get some people in here."I sat and watched intently as people flooded in."Jalice."I stood up."Hello."I got murmured Hello's back."I could hear each thought but one stood out,someone was here I knew."Eat."We attacked.I grabbed the one I knew and saw Paul.Everything was in slow motion as they came to a halt."Jalice?"I nodded."Uh yeah I um bec-' "She became my forever."Was all I heard before my waist was gripped tightly by Alec.I closed my eyes."Paul leave.' "No!You-'' "LEAVE!"I heard a few woahs and that's hots."Paul I'll say it one more time.Get the fuck out of my castle."His eyes widen and was suddenly turning around as I controlled his mind."Thank you." "Alec go calm her."Alec grabbed my hand and pulled me into my room."Guys leave her bed.We'll need it.'Felix and Demetri put the bed back.They left shutting the door.I pulled off my belt,jewelry,heels,and tiara as Alec locked the door.He pushed me down so I was laying on my back.He started kissing my neck.I moaned a little as he bit down on my weak spot.He slid my dress off and well lets say we fucked.
        I rolled my eyes and slid on my new outfit.I pinned the bow in and walked out Alec following behind.I sat my tiara on my head once in the throne room and sat down.The new secretary came,Steffina,she held a trey with a note.She walks toward me.I stand up and grab it.'Volturi' From'Renesmee and Jacob'I opened it all eyes on me.I looked up a slight glare to my face.I made a motion."Leave"Steffina bowed and left.I read over the paper.'You have been invited to the wedding of Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black.October 24,2008'I stopped reading and threw the invite toward Aro."Looks like you have a wedding in a year." "They plan a year ahead due to Alice.She'd be the one to plan.I'd know."I sighed and tried relaxing.I opened my eyes."Can I leave.Yes a year early but Alice will want me there for fittings and rehearsals and the bachelorette party and-' "Yes Jalice.Go enjoy your time.I expect you to come back October 27,2008."I started walking out but turned around."Keep Steffina.She may be of some help."They nodded and I walked to my room.I smiled at my reflection.I'm beautiful!I started packing right away.After I was finished I had changed my outfit to something Alice would approve of.I walked into the throne room bags with me.I sat my tiara on my throne and grabbed my bags.I gave a small smile and teleported to the battle field.I smiled and saw the wolf I've come to know.Jacob and Paul growled at me."Don't try.Just shift back and grab my bags.Please."They stood up and gave a slight glare but phased back and ran over.Jacob engulfed me i a hug."You're back.What for?"I rolled my eyes."Oh I don't Know I just thought Alice would want me here for other things that includes you and my sister."He made a confused face but smiled."Oh..I took her to the beach to purpose."I made a sad face."Without me planning things!"He rolled his eyes."You are 100% related to Alice."I smiled and hugged Paul awkwardly."Hi Paul." "Hi..Jalice."We walked through the forest and came to the house.I opened the door and saw Alice.I shushed her and silently took off my shoes so they wouldn't make noise.My father's back was turned toward me.I ran at him and jumped on his back.He grabbed my thighs.I kissed his cheek."Hi daddy!"I got down and hugged him."Let me get a look at you."I turned around."We'll have to change those eyes of yours."I nodded."I knew you would say that like seriously."I heard the delicate foot steps of my sister and hid by the piano."Did she come?"I watched as they put on their best sad faces and shook their heads no.I teleported to behind her and raised my hands.I put them to her hips and started tickling her.Her laughter filled the room she sat to the ground trying to fight the tickles."Okay.Okay.I needed that."The still didn't realize it was me.I reached my hand out and she saw it.She was up and jumped.She was hugging me.I hugged back tightly but trying not to hurt her.I saw mother and let go off Ren.I hugged mom."Hey sweetie."She hugged back with the same amount of strength I did.I went through and hugged everyone.Leah fist bump me considering she couldn't handle my smell of awesomeness while she smelt like rotting fur and wet dog.We all were in the Living room Ren and I were laying against Jake's legs that hung over the couch.I realized this is what I want.I don't want some vampire to sleep with every night I want my wolf back that kept me warm,I want my sister to tell each secret to,I want my daddy that would keep me from nightmares,and my aunts to doll me up,I miss my uncles to wrestle with,I miss my grandma's food,I miss my grandpa's goodnight stories,I miss my moms hugs,I miss my family.I looked around to see all eyes on me.Alice and Daddy nodded knowing alice saw this and daddy read her mind."I wanna come home."If I could cry...I would be.

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