Another Me

Daisy is a nineteen year old girl and lives with her father and stepmother. Daisy and her stepmother aren't as close as Daisy hoped to be and gets abused by her. Eventually she decides to walk away from home.

When she's walking through the town she meets a lovely lady who's willing to take care of her. She gets to meet her daughter and they become best friends. She also gets to meet her son and for a moment she thinks everything has fallen into place. But that's going to change...


6. The Big Day

My alarm goes off at eight o’clock. Annabel told me I need to be at the shop at nine. The shop actually opens at three o’clock but she said Gemma had arranged a surprise for me. I get dressed and join Gemma at the table. “Are you excited?” Gemma asks me and smiles. “I am! And I’m dying to know what the surprise is.” I say and look at Gemma. Gemma starts giggling and I tickle her. “Tell me!” I say as she starts laughing. “No, I want it to be a surprise!” she says in between her laughs. I keep tickling her and then stop. “Fine!” I say and sit down again. Gemma keeps laughing softly and smiles. “I’m sure you’ll love it.” “I hope so!” I say and we both eat our breakfast. When we’re finished Gemma blindfolds me and leads me to the car. I sit down in the passenger seat and Gemma gets into the car as well. She drives us to town and parks her car in the parking lot. Gemma gets me out of the car and locks it. We walk over to the store and get in. Gemma leads me to a room and takes my blindfold off. “Tada, your very own photo-shoot! You’ll be changing into the outfit you designed and have a photo-shoot. The photos will be made into posters and they will be in the store.” Gemma says and smiles proudly. I wrap my arms around Gemma and hug her tightly. “You’re amazing, thank you so much!” “No problem! Go and get dressed!” I smile and Gemma shows me where to get dressed and gives me the outfit. I look at it and can’t believe it’s actually mine. I quickly get dressed and when I get out of the room there’s a girl who says she’s going to do my makeup. I sit down on a chair facing a big mirror. The mirror is covered however so it’ll be a surprise. When she’s done with my makeup she moves on to my hair. She gets a curling iron and starts curling my hair. “All done!” she says as she finishes the last strand of hair. “Are you ready to see it?” I nod quickly and they turn the mirror. I look at myself in the mirror and am overwhelmed. “Wow.” I say and Gemma laughs softly. “You look beautiful!” she says and gives me a hug. “Are you ready for the photo-shoot?” “I am!” I say as Annabel tells me where to stand. I have never had a photo-shoot before and it feels strange. “Smile to the camera hun!” the cameraman says and I smile at the camera. After a few photos Gemma joins me, because I’m very nervous. We fool around a little and have a lot of fun. When Gemma walks away again I smile at the camera again and the man takes one more pic. “Was that all?” I ask and look at him. “I took a few photos when you were with Gemma and they turned out pretty well!” I quickly go to the laptop where the rest is standing and we scroll through the pictures. “I like them!” I say and smile wide. “Which ones should we make into a poster?” Annabel asks me and I think for a moment. “The last one and that one with Gemma.” I say, pointing to one of the photos with Gemma. “Great! How about I take you and Gemma out for lunch so it will be a surprise when you get back?” Annabel asks Gemma and me. “Sounds lovely!” I say as Gemma and I get our bags and walk with Annabel to a café one block away.

We sit down and a waiter asks us what we want. “Are you excited?” Annabel asks me. “I am thrilled! I can’t believe this is even happening.” Annabel smiles at me and I look at Gemma. “I’m glad you’re going to be on a poster with me. I wouldn’t have done this without you.” I say and Gemma gives me a hug. “That’s so sweet! You’re amazing.” Gemma and I smile at each other and the waiter brings us our food and drinks. We eat our food and sip at our drinks while talking about the photo-shoot. “So do you do this every time when someone designs a new outfit?” I ask curiously. “Not exactly, because that would be crazy! But we do pick out one drawing of the drawings you and Gemma make and do this. So the next time we do this again will be when Gemma designs an outfit she’d want to wear at a photo-shoot.” “That’s really cool! Have you just opened up?” I ask and Annabel nods. “We’re three weeks open!” “The posters is a great idea to gain more costumers, and they’d be excited to see which outfit will be shown next.” I say and Annabel smiles. “Exactly!” Annabel says as she takes a sip from her drink. We finish our food and Annabel checks her watch. “Ten minutes left! Shall we go and have a look before everything is gone?” Annabel asks me and laughs softly. I nod and together with Gemma we walk back to the store. There are already a few people, looking at the posters. Gemma takes my hand and pulls me with her to the posters. They turned out even better than I expected! The posters look really cool and Annabel, Gemma and I get in. One of the girls points at me and I look at Gemma, laughing softly. We look at the outfits which they laid out in the front of the store. “It looks so cool!” I say and smile wide. “The shop is going to open now.” Annabel says and smiles at me. I smile back and walk over to Gemma as Annabel opens the store. A few girls walk in and walk straight to the outfit I designed. I squeal softly and look at Gemma. We both start laughing and walk to the back of the store. “What do you think?” Gemma asks, smiling. “It’s amazing. This has always been my dream.” I say and Gemma gives me a hug. We walk back into the store and one of the girls walks up to me. “Did you design this?” she asks me and I smile at her. “I did!” “Well, I just want to say that it’s super cool! I also wanted to ask something else.” she says and looks down a little. “Go ahead sweetie!” She hands me a map and I look through it. “I’ve been drawing these but I’m not sure if they’re good and my friends say that if I ever want to do something with clothes, I won’t make any money with it.” I close the map and give it back to her. “Never give up on your dreams. Those designs you made are beautiful.” I say and the girl starts smiling brightly. She hugs me quickly and giggles. I hug her back and laugh softly. “I’ve bought your outfit by the way! I love it!” “Thanks darling!” “Oh, and are you going to be bringing out an outfit again soon?” she asks, looking at Gemma. “I might! Just keep your eyes peeled.” Gemma says and smiles. The girl walks back to her friends and Gemma smiles at me. “Never give up on your dreams.” she says and I nudge her softly.

A lot of people walk in and out of the store and soon the outfits are gone. Annabel closes the shop when the last people leave and we all go to the back of the store. Annabel gets out some glasses and champagne. “Today was an amazing day. It has never been this busy before! They loved your outfit Daisy, well done.” Everyone cheers and I laugh nervously. We drink our champagne and then suddenly someone knocks on the windows. Annabel and I go to have a look and see Anne and Harry. Annabel opens the door and lets them in. They both give me a hug and look at my outfit. “It’s awesome!” Anne says and smiles. “And you’re wearing the only one that’s left I suppose?” Harry asks, chuckling. “Well, not exactly.” Annabel says and smiles. “We’ve got a bunch more in the back for the following days.” “Really?” I ask Annabel and she smiles, nodding. Gemma walks over to us and hugs her mother and brother. “Do you want a glass of champagne?” Annabel says and smiles. “I’ll take one.” Anne says and walks after Annabel. Harry, Gemma and I also walk after Annabel and Gemma and I finish our drink. We talk about how the day went and about the girl that came up to me.

“Shall we go?” Anne asks when she has finished her champagne. Harry, Gemma and I nod and Gemma and I hug everyone. Annabel hands me an envelope with a ribbon around it. “Here are the photos of the shoot.” she says and smiles. “Thanks! See you tomorrow!” I say as we go back to the car. Gemma and I go to Gemma’s car and Anne and Harry go to Anne’s car. Gemma opens the car and we both get in. Gemma starts driving home. “Today was epic.” I say and laugh softly. “I’m glad you liked it! We’re going to have a great time together.” Gemma says and smiles at me. “Definitely.” I say and smile back at her. “We should do something fun this weekend!” “We should! We could arrange a high tea with your friends.” I suggest. “Yes, then you can get to know them.” “That would be wonderful!” Gemma and I smile at each other and arrive home. We get out of the car and Gemma locks the door. We get inside and Anne calls us to the kitchen for tea. We sit around the table and drink our tea. “I’m so tired.” I say and Gemma nods. “Me too.” “You must be. You’ve done a lot today.” Anne says and smiles. “Oh Daisy, have you ever heard of the band I’m in?” Harry asks me, smiling wide. “I have actually, Alfie made me listen to a few songs.” Harry laughs and takes a sip of his tea. “Well, I want you to meet the other lads. Would you want to meet them?” “Of course! It would be lovely to meet the rest of the band.” I say and Harry smiles at me. “Great! When do you think is a good time?” “I’m free on Wednesday?” “Great. I’ll ask them if they have time.” he says and I nod, smiling. Gemma and I both get up at the same time. We all laugh and say goodnight to each other. “Thanks for today Gem.” “No problem Flower.” “I see what you did there!” I say and we both laugh. “Goodnight.” “Night sweetie.” We hug each other and go to our rooms. I change into pajamas I bought when shopping with Anne and Gemma and get into bed. Today has been great. The next design definitely has ‘Never give up on your dreams.’ on it. I smile to myself and close my eyes.

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