Another Me

Daisy is a nineteen year old girl and lives with her father and stepmother. Daisy and her stepmother aren't as close as Daisy hoped to be and gets abused by her. Eventually she decides to walk away from home.

When she's walking through the town she meets a lovely lady who's willing to take care of her. She gets to meet her daughter and they become best friends. She also gets to meet her son and for a moment she thinks everything has fallen into place. But that's going to change...


2. A Fun Day With Gemma

I wake up by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Gemma slightly opens the door. “Good morning.” she says, smiling at me as I sit up. “Morning!” I reply. “My mom left us some breakfast and I wanted to see if you were awake.” “I am now.” I say, laughing softly. Gemma laughs as well and I get up, following Gemma to the kitchen. The table is covered with pancakes and Gemma and I laugh softly, sitting down. We both grab a pancake and start eating. “Are you sure you’re not a fashion designer?” Gemma asks, giggling softly. I nod and laugh softly. “Although I do want to do something with fashion, but my stepmother didn’t want me to do anything with it.” “She should have a look at your book and it will definitely change her mind!” “I don't think so, I think she’ll throw it away or something.” “We’re going to buy lots of magazines today and have lunch in town, alright?” Gemma asks me, smiling wide. “Sounds lovely!” I say and we eat the pancakes. When we’re done we clean the table. Gemma goes to her room and I go to the guestroom. I take a shower and get dressed. Gemma and I both do our makeup and hair in the bathroom. We watch some TV and soon it’s already 11AM. Gemma pulls me up from the couch, because I don't want to get up and we both laugh. We get our bags and walk outside. Gemma tells me which car is hers and I get in the car while Gemma sits down in the driver’s seat. She starts the car and drives into town. “I know a really good place where we can have lunch, the food is delicious!” Gemma says, focusing on the road. “Is it your mom’s restaurant?” I ask, laughing softly. Gemma laughs and shakes her head. “Although the food there is delicious as well, but it’s nearby!” She drives into a parking lot and we both get out of the car. “It’s only five minutes from here.” Gemma says and smiles at me. Together we walk to a small restaurant.

We arrive at the little restaurant. Gemma walks in and I walk after her. We sit down at a table and a waiter walks over to us. “What can I get you ladies?” he asks us and I look at Gemma. “We’d like two chicken salads, please.” The waiter writes it down and asks us if we want anything to drink. I order an ice tea and Gemma orders a coke. The waiter walks away and Gemma and I look at his bum. When we notice we both looked at his bum we start laughing. After we finished laughing we get our drinks. “Well, that was embarrassing.” I say, laughing softly. “No way, I do it all the time!” Gemma laughs as well and takes a sip from her drink. “So, do you have something like a portfolio as well?” I ask Gemma. She nods and smiles. “I do! I do the same as you, buy lots of magazines and make some sketches. Look!” She gets out something that looks like a book and shows it to me. “You’re right! We really do the same, but we have a different fashion taste.” I say, laughing as Gemma laughs as well. “That’s true.” Gemma puts her book back in her bag and the waiter puts our salads on the table. We start eating and I look at Gemma. "This is delicious!" I say and Gemma nods. “I know right?” We continue eating and talk about a lot of things. When we’ve finished our salads Gemma pays for them and we go out of the restaurant. We walk into the center of the town and it’s a bit busy. Gemma pulls me with her into a little shop. A woman looks up from the counter and smiles. “Hi Gem!” “Hey Trish!” Gemma replies. “How are you doing?” “I’m doing great! I brought a friend with me.” Gemma says and Trish smiles at me. “Hi, I’m Patricia but everyone calls me Trish.” “I’m Daisy. Nice to meet you!” “Nice to meet you too!” Trish smiles at me and Gemma smiles as well. “We were wondering if you’ve got any new magazines for us.” Gemma says and looks at Trish. “I do!” She gets out a pile of new magazines and Gemma hands her five pound. “Is that enough?” I ask and look at Gemma and Trish. They both laugh and shake their head. “I’ve known Gemma since she was born and she always helps me in the store so she gets them for five pound.” Trish says, smiling. “You’re so lucky!” I say and Gemma laughs softly. We sit down at a table and Gemma lays the pile on it. We each take a magazine from the pile and look through it. We rip out some things and put them in our books. After a few minutes Trish brings us a cup of tea. Gemma and I smile and thank her, taking a sip of our cup of tea. We look at each other’s book and I really like hers. “Oh, I love this outfit.” she says as she points to a vintage outfit. “Me too, I really like the flower crown she’s wearing.” Gemma nods quickly and looks up. “Shall we go shopping in town?” she asks, smiling at me. “Sure!” I say and Gemma finishes her tea. We put our books and the magazines in our bags and thank Trish. When we’re outside Gemma pulls me with her. “Let’s go to Topshop!” she says and we walk over to Topshop. We walk in and look around. “Ooh, I really like this top!” Gemma says and shows me it. “It looks lovely. I think this one is really cute.” I show a top that I picked and Gemma smiles. She takes it from me and pays for both of the tops. “Are you crazy?” I say as she hands me the bag. “Nope, just nice.” She giggles and I laugh as we walk outside again. “I’m getting hungry.” I say as we pass a pizza place. “Shall we head back home? We could order pizza!” Gemma says and I nod as we walk back to the car. We both get in and Gemma drives back home. I turn on the radio and we sing along. When we arrive Gemma turns off the radio and we get out of the car. Gemma locks the car and opens the door. “Mom?” Gemma asks as she puts her coat away. I put mine away too and we walk into the kitchen where Anne is. “Hi girls!” Anne smiles and finishes her sandwich. “May we order pizza?” Gemma asks and smiles at her mom. She nods and puts everything away. “Of course! Can you order a pizza Hawaii for me?” Anne asks and Gemma nods. “Sure, what kind of pizza do you want?” she asks, smiling at me. “Ehhm, I would like a pizza Fungi.” Gemma gets her phone and orders three pizzas. “Mom, we both bought a new top! Shall we show them?” “Yes! That would be fun.” We all smile and I go to the guestroom. I change into my top and walk out again. Gemma comes out of her room as well and together we walk into the kitchen. “Tada!” I say as we both spin around. Anne smiles and cheers. “I love it!” Gemma and I giggle and the doorbell rings. Gemma answers the door and comes back with three pizzas. She puts them in the middle of the table and we all sit down around it. We all get a piece of pizza and eat it. “Gemma, could you maybe go with me tomorrow? I need to look for a job.” “Sure hun! I know a place where you could go.” We smile and eat the rest of the pizza. When we finish our pizza we all sit down on the couch in the living room. Anne takes a photo book and sits in between Gemma and I. “Mom, no!” Gemma says and covers her face. Anne and I laugh and she opens the book. “Yes, the photos are so cute!” Anne says and smiles proudly as she shows me the pictures. She shows me a photo of Gemma and Harry and I giggle softly. “That's so cute!” I say and smile at Gemma. “Has Harry told you when he comes back again?” Anne looks at Gemma and she smiles. “This Sunday!” Gemma says and Anne's face lights up. “Good, I miss him.” Anne smiles at the photo and Gemma and I smile at each other. We look at a few more photos and then we go to the kitchen. Anne makes some tea for us and we drink our tea. When we’ve finished our tea we all go to our rooms. I change into Harry’s hoodie and get into bed. I smile to myself and drift off to sleep.

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