Dollhouse:Forever always, For Eternity

After being haunted for a day Isla discovers her life is changed dramaticly and she cant stop it at all.

After falling in love with a Prince and Ghost there is no where out of it, she is stuck in it for life. Fighting for the ones she loves, letting Louis bite her so she could be with them forever is a big step in life but imagine the harshness of Louis and Liam fitting into the human world.

There story is broadcasted over many and will be a legend that would go down in history, Something helps to change them and to become like everyone else.

But will they find it out.. Together?

Sequel to the massive hit 'Dollhouse', if you just about to read this i will advise you to read Dollhouse first because there is a storyline to this part as well.


3. Careless

Liam POV

I don't like this, i dont like seeing them together - its just one of those things that i hate or get jealous over. Of course i love them both but this is taking the piss, not only did they igrone me; but did say any ghost jokes which is strange because Isla is usely the one to do that. Pretend that im there and then look at me and smile, but this was different she didnt do that apart from snogging the face off Louis.

"Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on here!?"

They both turned around and face me, Isla looked at me but didnt smile; she knew she had done wrong. Louis turned around and saw i was pissed off - Well duh! Ive just been to work for 12 hours to pay for this house and the bills, i get a boner just thinking about my 'Suprize' and i come home to this.

"Liam, Whats up mate? You seem tense?"

I stared at them and throwned my bag on the other sofa, still looking at them. I was cross; Yes, i thought after being so long away from me they would do something to make up for that time we have lost together. Apartally being the '2nd boyfriend' to Isla is nothing so the world dont have to know about me; Im just a sidedish.

"Thanks for making it up to me!"

Isla got up and walked towards me, As i sat down and grabbed the beer from the table - she came over and sat on my lap. On my very hard dick. I always put my arm around her when she sits on me, but im so pissed off at the moment i cant be arsed. I can see it in them golden brown eyes which used to be blue that i was pissed off about something.

All the sudden she leaned her head under my chin, i couldnt take it anymore so i wrapped my arm around her small waist; taking a slip of the beer. Then she looked at me and held my face in her small hands, staring at me and then smiling so warm i felt normal. Isla leaned in and kissed me passionatly, the kiss ive been waiting for weeks to have; the one ive died for the most to have her red lips on mind.

As she pulled off she looked back at Louis, he just nodded at her and i saw him bit his lip so beautifully. She then leaned in to my ear, whispering sweet nothings.

"You think we would forget about you, i sense your feeling abit unconforable down there. Come up with us"

She pulled away and left my lap, feeling the cold air hit it and she walking like the model she is to the living room door; looking back at me and Louis, then striking one of them poses like a boss. I looked at Louis and shook my head - blushing a little before looking back at her.

Why did she have to be this flawless now she has changed?

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