Beware of Winter

Winter Snow may not sound like a scary name, but believe me, it belongs to a scary girl. Winter is not your average 19 year old teenage girl. With hair as white as snow, skin paler than a vampire's, cold blue emotionless eyes...her behavior doesn't exactly read 'friendly'. She's shy and quiet. She'd rather jump off a cliff than to have a real meaningful conversation with ' another human '. Ever since that night, it got cold in London. Very cold. Let's just say if you ever happen to meet her, " Beware of Winter ".


1. Winter's Past


 My mom used to always tell me riddles and old sayings before she died. I never really got a chance to bond with her though. She passed away when I was 6 years old. I'll never forget that night..

*flashback to 13 years ago*

 My mom gently sat down on our old blue couch. The fire crackled as its red-orange flames lit the dull room, spreading warmth throughout the house. I played with the silk red curtains by the window, watching little snowflakes collect on the ground, forming that cold white substance called snow. I looked up at the sky admiring its red color. I hoped up from the brown carpeted floor and waddle towards my mother. I pull the edge of her nightgown. She smiles and sighs, placing me on her lap. I am careful not to press my hands down on her gigantic belly, so instead, I rest them on either side of the couch.

" Momma, why is the sky red?"

" Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."

I smile at her and thought about it. I came up with an answer.

" It's gunna be a good night for sailors?"

" Good girl."

 My momma hands me a peppermint candy. I take the red and white ball and pop it into my mouth.

" Is that all, Winter?"

 I was about to answer when I looked deep into her dull green eyes. They were usually bright, not dull. She must not be happy.

" Momma, why does happiness come from?"

" Happiness comes from within yourself."

" Then why aren't you happy? Is it the baby?"

 She laughs, thinking what I had said was a joke.

" I am happy, Winter!"

" Okay."

I decide to take her word for it.

" What's the baby's name, again?"

" Autumn."

" Middle?"

" Fallen."

" Can it be July?"

" Why?"

" So I can call her AJ."

" Alright. Autumn July Snow."

" Pretty."

 She kissed my cheek and told me it was time for bed. But I didn't move. I couldn't.

" Sweetie, its past your bedtime."

 I frowned. My mother began to grow impatient. I lifted my hand from where I had tucked it underneath her leg on the couch.

" Momma, did you spill something on the couch?"

 She inspected the cold liquid covering my hand before calling out to my dad.

" Jerry! My water broke!"

 My father came rushing in from the kitchen. He picked me up from her lap and set me down on the floor. I ran to my bathroom and washed the 'water' off. I heard her scream and then the door slam shut. My father came back in a few moments later with my neighbor, Mrs. Anne. He knelt in front of me.

" Winter, Mrs. Anne is going to watch you. I'll be back as soon as I can."

 With having said that, he kissed my forehead and ran out to the car. I walked quickly over to the window and watched as my father's silver car rush off towards the  black road, then disappear. I turn to my neighbor and tug on the edge of her dress.

" What is it dear?"

" What's wrong with Momma?"

" She's having a baby."

" How?"

" Uh...Say, I bet you would like a playmate. Do you want me to go get my daughter?"

 I nod my head vigorously. She pats my head and walks to her house and returns with her daughter. She was only a year or two older.

" Winnie!"

 She ran to me and gave me a giant hug. I gave her one back.

" Hi, Gemma."

" What do you wanna do?"

" Let's go play with my dollies!!"

" Yay!"

 We race to my room and sit on the white, fluffy carpet. Gemma's mother stands in the doorway.

" Do you girls want some hot chocolate?"

" YES!!!!" we scream in unison.

 We play with my Barbie dolls until Gemma's mother comes back with two sippy cups. I gulped mine down while Gemma took little sips. After a while, Mrs. Anne got a phone call from the hallway phone. She answered it while we crawled to the doorway to eavesdrop.

" Oh, hello, Mr. Jerry..yes, she's fine...she's playing with Gemma...Harry went over a friend's house...okay...oh, dear..I'm so sorry..yes, I'll get her to bed...okay...again, really sorry..yes..alright...Bye."

 " Mrs. Anne? What happened?" I asked her.

" hmm? Oh, Winter, dear....I..well, your mother had a big beautiful little girl."

" What about her? Why'd ya say sorry to my daddy?"

Mrs. Anne shifted from one foot to the other. She whispered something to Gemma and made Gemma go home. As soon as Gemma had closed our wooden front door, Mrs. Anne shooed me into bed. She tucked me into my pink duvet, kissing my forehead.

" Well?"

" Winter, sweetie....your mother didn't survive the birth. She's gone to heaven, I'm afraid."

I felt tears prick out of my eyes. She's dead? That couldn't be...I didn't listen to anything else Mrs. Anne said; I ran away. Away from Mrs. Anne, my bedroom, the house. I ran into the woods, darkness had already begun to seep through. I heard Mrs. Anne's voice in the distance, desperately calling my name. It was cold out there. So cold. But in that moment, I didn't care. I was sad, hurt, tired....lonely. My mother was my only true best friend. she's gone. Forever. And I was scarred for life.

*End of flashback*


I guess you could say I changed. I pushed away everyone, built walls around my heart. My mother was the only person I had loved. She was so good to me...But now you know my story. But this is only a chapter in my life. Maybe even a paragraph. But one's things for sure: It got colder here in London. Ever since that night..

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