Benift with your half brother

Brooke is a normal girl with brown eyes and brown hair it's a new school year and Brooke's mom Taylor is acting weird like she's dating is she dating? But when she gets to school there's this new boy named harry yes the harry style. Harry asks the Vice principal if Brooke can show him around school before they reach the class room and pushes Brooke in a cleaning closet and locks it what happens? Later in the day she gets home and walks in Taylor calls Brooke and Taylor said to Brooke that their having guest over? Duh duh dddd


1. new year

Brooke pov

its a new year being back at school summer seemed to go by pretty fast Brooke hunny get up okay mom i screamed i got up and when to get my blue toms a short sleeve shirt that said LOVE in big letters and blue skinny jeans i went into my bathroom got changed and put on mascara eyeliner blush :etc i ran down stairs and grabbed a bagel my mom Taylor was wearing a skirt with a dressy shirt i new she was hiding something because she never dresses this fancy

Taylors MIND pov:i was really dressed up today i met someone at the grocerie store that i worked  at he has a teenage boy 1 year older than my brooke but i promised him that we can have dinner at my house

still taylors pov but not mind: hunny you have to be home at 4.00 no later because we have guest coming for dinner

brookes pov: okay mom i have to go to school its a new year of school i dont want to be late bye mom i was headen down the sidewalk to my car i speed of to a lazy ass day of school i got to school i got out to hurry inside i got inside to wear the front desk was i was getting my sceduale when i noticed HARRY FREAKING STYLES i turned my head tords the lady at the front desk who was asking for my name humm BROOKE STEVENSON  the HARRY FREAKING STYLES came in threw the office door i was trying to act cool but i know im a loser slut fat etc i turned my head back to the lady at the desk that was saying just a moment i went to sit in the chair while harry was getting his sceduale one moment mr styles she said she got back with mine and his

harrys pov: the lady at the desk got back with this girls and mine the lady at the desk asked if i wanted someone to show me around i looked to my right to see a hot beautiful pretty girl her i pointed to her with my thumb and smirked the lady behind the desk asked the girl if she would show me around  yes sure i would  miss walker the girl said we grabbed our sceduales and were on our way to class  hi  she said hi i said  she asked me if she could see my sceduale sure here ya go  you have every class with me she said  after she said that i was thinking hmm i should have some fun with her i saw a ganiter closet coming up it was on my side yes i covered her mouth with my hand and dragged her into it i threw her onto the ground got down and pinned her wrist to the ground i wripped off her shirt and pants next thing i knew i was on top of her with just my boxers on

brookes pov:he pushed me into a janiters closet and locked the door i knew what was coming next he fucked me omg i ran out of the janiters closet crying and went to the girls bathroom and locked the door wonce i heard the bell ring i went straight to my class 


brookes pov:i hurried out of school and went straight to my car but just the luck him ough  harry why are you on my car  im sorry love but im not getting off of your car till i get your number he said with a smirk  fine i said  i handed him my phone and he handed me his phone i put my number in it then handed it back to him  thanks love  with that he just walked off i got in my car and started driving i got to a stop light and my phone buzzed 

sexy man: hey beautiful

brooke: is this harry

sexy man: yup why r u asking

brooke: because 1your not sexy 2 dont ever call me beautiful again and 3im not beautiful

sexy man:what ever you say beautiful and yup you r beautiful

brooke: no im not beautiful

sexy man: yes u r beautiful

brooke: look i dont have time for this i need to go i have a dinner party thingy tonight and i have to be home at 4.00

sexy man: thats weird i do to well see you tomorrow beautiful and ill text you tonight good byez

brooke: nice well ill text u back and what did i say not to do aka dont call me beautiful and bye

sexy man: i know bye

brooke: bye

still brookes pov:: i was driving down the street we live on it was 3.53 oh i better hurry up i parked and got out i went inside and took off my shoes hey mom im home   hey baby how was the first day of school   it was okay not to bad (i lied i was still shoken up of what harry did) honny get ready there gonna be here at 6.00  okay mom and with that said i grabbed my shoes and ran up stairs to my room and closed my door i got on my acc @COLTONFOLLOW on twitter i had like  20 notifications i got on my notifications page and @harry_styles followed you i screamed but at the same time i remember what happened at school  ough i followed him back then it turned into 100 notifications i got to the the second one and   @harry_styles  met this amazing gurl at school 2day @COLTONFOLLOW       and i read another one that read  @harry_styles go follow @COLTONFOLLOW  i went through all the mean comments and stuff then went  on  google +  i went on my acc paris kingsman i then took out my phone and saw it was 5.00 so i decided to take a shower i got in and let the HOT water hit my body letting me forget that i only have an hour to get ready and to hep me forget what happened this morning at school i snapped back to my shower and looked at my fingers i decided to get out because my fingers were all wrinkly i got out and put a worm fuzzy towel around me i dried off and put on a black thigh high strapless dress  why i am wearing black is because i started my monthly time this morning thats why i snapped outta my thoughts when the door bell rang i put on some mascara and eyeliner and some cover up and a little bit of blush i looked at the time it was 6.00 wow there here early     


writers pov: hey so im asking if you like this so far i do  uhm about the twitter account  and google plus account there real and yes there mine so follow them and ill follow back love you all and if you want to be

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