Benift with your half brother

Brooke is a normal girl with brown eyes and brown hair it's a new school year and Brooke's mom Taylor is acting weird like she's dating is she dating? But when she gets to school there's this new boy named harry yes the harry style. Harry asks the Vice principal if Brooke can show him around school before they reach the class room and pushes Brooke in a cleaning closet and locks it what happens? Later in the day she gets home and walks in Taylor calls Brooke and Taylor said to Brooke that their having guest over? Duh duh dddd


2. dinner

brookes pov:i went down stairs to find the person i hate the most HARRY ough why are you here because our parents are dating   mom can i eat in my bedroom please i asked   no honey you can eat down here  fine i said   honey show harry around please  do i have a choice  NO honey you don't

SKIP HOUSE SHOWING::harry Brooke come eat   coming mom i said we walked down stairs to find 2 seats near each other and 2 other seats near each other   you both can eat right there  do i have to mom? i asked  yes you do we want you to too get along with each other  we already practically get alone   we both sat down and me being me i tried to pull my chair over without anyone noticing but harry must have noticed because he grabbed the bar underneath my chair i looked over at him and he gave me a smirk  we started eating spaghetti when i felt a hand on my thigh i looked down and just what i thought harrys hand  i looked over at him he was keeping a straight face while talking to my mum and his dad  then i felt the hand move to my vagina and unzip my pants he unbuttoned it and started poking at my vagina i still had my underwear on but it felt like he was poking the real thing he then moved one end of the underwear to the other side and put his middle finger in and pumped in and out slowly he then just took out his middle finger and licked it he smirked while licking it  so i zipped up my pants and buttoned them up 

AFTER DINNER:: mum do you want me to do the dishes   no honey actually harry asked if he could take you to go meet the rest of the band   do i have to i would rather wash the dishes   yes you have to now go up stairs and get changed  i walked up stairs and went in my room to plug in my ipod i played miley cyrus wrecking ball i then heard a soft knock on the door and i knew exactly who it was i went and answered it and it was  im picking out what you are wearing  bu he then cut me off by walking into my walk-in closet and picked out a BLACK THIGH HIGH STRAPLESS DRESS  then he walked over to my undergarments    hmm can i pick out my own bra and underwear please   NO YOUR WEARING WHAT I PICK OUT he said with a harsh tone  he then proceded to my undergarments he started going threw them then he found a BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOTTED BRA AND UNDIES  he then brought those out and went back in to find shoes he brought some polka dotted wedges out  i turned to him and said i gotta say for a man you do pick out a good outfit for a girl   thanks turn around and put your nose in the corner  i then felt someone taking off my pants and then my t-shirt went next  hold on i said   WHAT he said angry  ill take off my own bra and undies  why cant i take off them?  because its just i dont know  look brooke ive seen you NAKED  before   well its j j j ust that    that what?    nothing i then looked at then ground    he then cupped my cheeks in his hands  look up at me please he asked brooke  i looked up at him standing in only my undies and bra  what? i asked him   brooke is it because your on your PERIOD brooke honey is it?   yeah harry yeah thats why i dont want you to be taking off my underwear i said with tears gushing down my face probably my makeup everywhere to   brooke im gonna do something i need you to trust can you trust me?   yes i can trust you i said shaking and still crying  he took me into my bathroom and pulled down my pants and sat me down on the stool he then took off my pad and put on a new pad then he had me wipe myself then had me hop up and he put on my pants again he then gave me an embrassing hug he smelt so good so so perfect i snapped myself back to reality that he could be my HALF BROTHER i pulled back you can finish dressing me i said    well love i kinda like you half naked haha you wish  (notice scarcasem) he then dressed me but before we left my room open your bag why  because i said so he then walked into my bathroom and got a handful of something he then came out with like 20 pads  wow how am i suppose to hide those from your band mates  your not they know what periods are they wont make fun of you they understand its a ladies thing well shall we go he asked with a smile we shall i said we went down stairs and said a time that we would be home




CAR RIDE:::SO hun yes harry  why dident you want me to know about your period well i dont really know its just that all my other boyfriends  would either be like eew stop talking your grossing me out  or  eew we are done or thats basically it   well hun im not like them im like me i understand what periods are   what are periods if you THINK you know?   they show that you reached your women hood   wow that is right how did you know that?   my mom and gemma told me about it they said never make fun of her and buy her chocolates and a movie wow they tought you that  yeah they did   

hey guys so what did you think of this chappie write it in the comment section below  now im sorry its to short but i have to go look at my choir and im sorry for all the period talk but im kinda just writing this 2 chappie of what id want my future boyfriend as  yes i would want him to understand periods because that would be awkward if he dident understand  and go FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @COLTONFOLLOW I WILL follow back and it would mean this entire world to me if you liked and favorite this and go check out my other books  I CANT CHOOSE and HE DOSENT LOVE ME AND KNOW MY HEART  so go check those out if you dont that would just be very awkward   BYE EVERYONE


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