I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


15. Nina's POV

A/N: There are some made up stuff that will never happen, oh, God and Jesus is in this chapter too. 

My spirit went out of my body, everyone was sobbing. "I love you Niall, my dear husband, I hope you can find a girl to call your own once more," I whispered, touching Niall's cheek. His hand slowly went to his cheek, and touched mine. 
"I love you Nina," Niall whispered. 
"And I love you," I whispered back, even though I know he couldn't hear me. 
"Nina," I hear a familiar voice. 
I turn around, "Daddy!" I cried and ran to him. Once I was over to him, I flung my arms around him. My auburn hair has grown to its full length before I started Chemo therapy. 
"I missed you daddy," I whispered. 
"I missed you too pumpkin." He whispered.. 
"What's it like? Heaven, I mean," I asked. 
"It's so peaceful, there's no wars, no sickness, no murder, nothing bad ever happens there," My father tells me. 
I smiled and was about to go in the light when I see two men, "Father, Brother," I spoke, 
"Hello Nina," My Heavenly father spoke. 
"Hello Father," I tell him, bowing my head. 
"You don't have to do that Nina," My Heavenly father told me. 
I raise my head, "Alright," I spoke. 
"Nina, can you come here please," 
"Yes Father," I spoke and walked over to my Heavenly father. 
He grabs both of my hands, "I know you and Niall loves each other very much, and we wish the best of your love," He tells me. 
"What do you mean?" I asked. 
Then, my dad began to speak, "You'll see pumpkin, when you do, tell your mother how much I miss her, and how I want her to find another guy to love," 
Even more confusion fills my face, "What do you mean? How can I do that?" I asked. 
"You'll see," Father tells me. 
Just then, I feel a tingly feeling shoot from my hands to my arms. Soon, my whole body was tingling. "What's happening? Am I going to Heaven now?" I asked. 
"I love you pumpkin, and please tell you mother to find someone to love again, I don't like her being so lonely," My dad tells me, his voice faint. 
Before I could speak, my eyes flickered open, and I was staring at a white ceiling. 
"Why did she have to die?" I hear Niall whisper. 
"I don't know mate, I don't know," Liam whispers back. 
'Where am I?' I thought. 'I know this can't be Heaven, so where...' My thoughts trailed off. 
'Tell your mother how much I miss her, and how I want her to find another guy to love,' A smile went on my lips, 'am I alive?' I thought. I try to move my arm, but something was holding it. 
"Guys," I hear Niall's voice say. 
"What is it mating?" Liam spoke. 
"Nina's eyes are open, and she tried to move her arm," Niall spoke. 
"What, that's impossible," I hear a doctor speak. 
"But it's true!" Niall spoke. 
"Niall, are you feeling alright?" Liam asked. 
"I'm fine, but-" Niall started, 
"Niall, she's dead, she couldn't be moving, and her eyes can't be open," Liam tried to reason. 
I try talk again, and this time, I succeed. "If I'm dead, then how can I be talking?" It came out in a soft whisper, and I wasn't sure anyone, but Niall heard me. 
"She just talked!" Niall said, grinning. 
"Mr. Horan, come with me, I'll get someone to check you out," The doctor tells him. 
I was feeling sleepy, my eyes were drooping, I feel his hand let go of mine, "But It's true! I swear!" Niall yelled. 
I knew if I didn't somehow let them know I was alive, I would be buried alive and Niall might be put on some meds. 
I knew I couldn’t talk, I was still too weak. 'Maybe I can make a sound,' I thought, I tried, but all that came out was a whisper. 
"I'm not crazy! She's alive! I heard her talk! I felt her move! I saw her eyes open!" Niall yelled, sounding like he was still in the room. 
Suddenly, I had an idea. I force my arms to move, No one was paying attention to me as I sat up. My arms were wobbling, and I knew I would collapse. Another Idea hit me I force my legs to get out of bed, and I fell, grabbing my mom's shoulder to keep me up. 
"Doctor Stones," My mom said. 
"Wha..." Her voice trailed off as she saw me breathing hard. 
"I knew it! Told ya!" Niall squealed and ran over to me. 
He picked me up and put me on the bed. "Thanks for taking up most if not all your energy to get them to believe me," Niall thanked me. 
"No problem, I couldn't let my husband go on meds, or be labeled as crazy," I tell him, my voice was still quiet thought. 

~Two Days Later~ 
I was able to talk again, and when my mom came, I began to talk to her, "Mama," 
"Yes sweet heart?" She spoke. 
"I saw dad." I tell her. 
Tears fill her eyes, "Did you give him a hug for me?" She asked. 
"Yes mama, I did. He wanted me to tell you something," I replied. 
"Really? What's that?" She asked. 
"He wanted me to tell you how much he missed you, and how he wanted you to find another guy to love," I tell him. 
"He said that?" She asked. 
"Yes mama," I replied. 
She nods, "I'll abide by that wish then," 
I grinned.

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