I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


5. Nina's POV

I was looking for a movie to watch when someone knocked on my door. "Just a second!" I holler as I put my robe on. I was still in my pajamas, which contained a tank top and short shorts. 
"Hey Niall, what's up?" I asked. 
"Can we go somewhere?" Niall asked. 
"Um, sure. Come on in, I'll be down in a sec." I tell him. 
"Wear something comfortable." Niall told me. 
"Ok," I respond. 
I look at my full length mirror. I was wearing navy blue shorts and a red tank top. My shoulder length auburn hair was in its usual ponytail. 

"So, where are we going?" I asked. 
"Surprise." Niall responded. 
I let out a sigh, knowing Niall; he would never tell me where we were going, so I didn't pester him on it anymore. 

Looking at the window, I noticed we passed several trees, lakes, ponds, and buildings. About an hour later we were at a zoo. My face brightens up, I absolutely LOVE the zoo. I look at Niall with a grin. He smiled back. 
"Look Niall, monkeys!" I exclaimed. 
Niall chuckled slightly. I made monkey sounds which made Niall laugh. I look at him and laugh too. 

Several hours later Niall and I were at a picnic table eating lunch. "Nina?" Niall asked. 
I look over to him, he seemed nervous. "Yeah." I respond. 
He took a deep breath. "I sdfssdsd ds sdfd aejf;ls sdjfkd;lfj aiertjuweksdjkfsd sdf ssdf" 
"What?" I asked not understanding a word he said. 
Niall took another deep breath and said, "I like you Nina, and I don't mean as a friend. I hope you like me like that, but if you don't I hope this don't wreck our friendship." 
A grin spread across my lips, "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I asked hope in my eyes.
He smiled shyly, "Yeah, I am." 
"Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend." I tell him. 
He grinned and hugged me. I hugged him back. 

~Two Weeks later~ 
I was running and laughing as Niall chased me. "I'm going to get you for that!" I hear him say. 
"I'd like to see you try!" I told him with a laugh. 
Suddenly I bump into someone. "Watch were you going." I hear a male tell me. 
I get up and see Tom, a kid who wanted to date me for years. His face immediately changed, "Oh, hi Nina," He said with a smile. 
I roll my eyes and turn around. "Niall." I call as I realized he wasn't behind me. 
"Who?" Tom asked. 
"My boyfriend." I tell him with a glare. I look around, Niall wasn't in site. "Niall!" I called again, this time louder. 
"Some boyfriend he is, ditching a pretty girl like you." Tom tells me taking a step towards me. 
I glared at him and stepped back. Suddenly my phone rang. "Niall where are you?" I asked. 
"Hiding from the paparazzi." Niall whispered. 
"Oh." I responded. 
"There's Niall's girlfriend!" I hear someone yell. 
"Crap, they found me, so I gotta run," I tell them hung up, and with that I began to run.

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