I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


16. Niall's POV

I still could not believe Nina was alive, I mean that is a miracle, a true miracle, but hey who's complaining? I know I'm not. The doctors took some tests on her, and her stomach cancer is 100% gone too. 
"When can I get out of here?" Nina asked Dr. Stones when she came in, 
"Two days from now," She told her. 
Nina nods her head. 

~Two Months Later~ 
Nina was out of the hospital now, and her hair has grown to her chin now. "Excuse me, Mrs. Horan, can you tell me what it feels like coming back from the dead?" I hear a reporter asked. 
"I don't remember," I hear Nina lie. 
"Oh, ok," She said and walked away. 
"Hello Mrs. Horan," I whisper to my wife as I hugged her from behind. 
"Hello Mr. Horan," She told me. 
"I missed you," I whispered. 
"Niall, I just saw you this morning," Nina told me. 
"So," I murmured as I kissed her neck. 
I hear Nina giggle, "Niall people are staring," She pointed out. 
"So, let them stare, I'm kissing my wife," I tell my wife. 
Nina giggled once more, "I love that sound," I spoke. 
Nina turned around and gave me a kiss on my lips.

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