I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


14. Niall's POV

Nina was supposed to die any day now, and I was devastated. Nina was very pale, her breath was struggled to come out. Tears filled my eyes. "Niall," I hear Nina's weak voice. 
"Hey," I whispered to my wife. 
"I think it's time," She whispered. 
I nod my head, "I'll go get the others," I tell her. 
I dial Lura's number first, "Lura, Nina think it's time," I tell her. 
"I'm on my way," Lura said. 
"Alright, bye," 
"Bye," And with that we hung up. 
After I was done informing the others, I go back to Nina's room. "They're on their way, please try to hold on," I ask, tears pooling down my cheeks. 
"I'll try," She whispered. 
"God, please take care of her, please," I whispered as I began to sob. 
Soon, everyone was in the room. "Hey sweetie," Lura spoke. 
"Hey mama," Nina whispered. 
"It's ok, you can go now, be at peace. Give your father a huge hug for me," Lura whispers. 
"I will, I promise," And with that Nina closed her eyes. 

A/N: This is not the last chapter, I know it seems like it, but it's not. Stay tuned for the next chapter please 

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