I Have Fallen Hard (A 2012 One Direction Love Story) (Finished)


10. Niall's POV

I was pacing back and forth in the hospital. 'Will she be ok?' I thought, I shake my head at that thought, 'She has to be ok, she just have too." Tears swelled in my eyes and I blink them away. "Niall," I hear Louis's voice. 
I turn towards him. "She'll be ok, she's a strong girl." He tells me. 
"I know she's a strong girl Louis, but what if she isn't strong enough?" I ask my worst fear for the first time since I found out Nina's cancer had spread. 
"I don't know Niall, but we can't think like that ok." Harry answered. 
I turn back towards the door they took Nina too. Soon a doctor came out, his face was grim 
Fear bubbled into my body as the doctor came closer. My heart was pounding so loud, I'm sure the whole hospital could hear it. 
"She's asleep, but in critical condition, I'll give her about five months to live, I'm sorry." He tells me. 
I shake my head, "No." I hear Nina's mom whisper. 

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