Yeryüzüne Inmiş Melek

Why is it that when we fail to hang on to the thousands of hands keeping us from falling, people wish upon us? Have we fallen from the world we have come to know and love into a mysterious void? Yes. Do we leave the ones we love behind? Yes. Are we a false sense of hope for people to wish upon? No.
We are Angels. Fallen Angels.


1. Falling

               'Falling is just like flying except there's a more permanent destination.' I told myself, over and over. My brown hair flowed elegantly behind me in the harsh winds. I'd use my wings to fly back home but there's no use, I won't be able to get back in if I tried. I was sent for a reason so I have to stay for another. The wind left a ringing noise in my ears. The sky had turned into a pinky-orange. It was sunrise, anyone could see me drop from the clouds and into the midst of the city.

               Plummeting toward a concrete street is never a good way to start the day. I pull my arms into my chest and draw my wings into my back so that they're not visible to others. If I die, this'll probably hit the headlines as: Suicide of Girl in White. Because that's what I am, a girl and I am in white. Or rather: Beyaz Kızın Intihar. Because our scene is set in Turkey.

               Closing my eyes and waiting for the hardness of the ground to hit me, I was oblivious that I had been knocked into a sharp right turn and heading for the nearby Forest clearing. Great. Not my destination. A longer amount of time than anticipated on Earth.

               Although I couldn't see the trees, I could smell them. They were tall and had about 2'3" of white medicine painted on their trunks, keeping the bad insects away. I was in Tarsus. My right shoulder was the first to hit the ground and the initial pain jolted through me at once, making me wince. I clicked my shoulder quickly and knelt, trying to forget the pain. The grass smelt fresh and the few trees gave me little cover. I wouldn't be able to check my wings. Or would I?

               The road near-by was clear and the only person around as far as I could see was a man who'd fallen asleep whilst feeding the pigeons. No threats detected.

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