Too Beautiful

[This story has other celebs in it] Kenzie Roberts has been in pain for the last 14 years. Ever since she was 3 and her mother passed away her father has been beating her. She cries herself to sleep every night and in the morning she covers up the bruises. She's a turtle in a school, keeping to herself and out of everyone's way. She's afraid to love and afraid to let anyone in. Above all that she's the most beautiful girl in school. She can't see her beauty because of her fathers vicious words. Can one guy teach her that not all men are like her father? Can he show her that she's beautiful? Read(:


5. "She Speaks!"

Kenzie's POV:

Harry walked me to almost every class. I think he loved hearing me speak. I find him a bit odd. We walked into science and I could feel the could glares coming from Taylor. Wow she must really hate me. Harry ignored her calling his name and sat next to me again.

"Isn't Taylor your girlfriend?" I asked. He looked at me with a smile.

"No she isn't. She's just stuck on me." He laughed.

I looked back over at Taylor. She was glaring hardcore. I turned back around and stared at my notebook. I don't think I've ever had someone hate me so much. Except my father. Does he even count?

"Don't let her get to you." Harry said looking at his notebook. "She just doesn't like it when things don't go her way." 

"I think she just hates me..." I mumbled.

"Who could hate you?" He laughed.

I looked at him. He smiled softly at me. After school I walked to the choir room. I was suppose to meet Liam for practice. He was sitting at the piano playing. I smiled and leaned against the piano. He looked up at me and smiled.

"So I hear that you can actually talk. Is it true?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I mumbled.

"Wow." His eyes lite up. "Ready to start?" 


He started playing the piano, I took a few deep breaths and then began singing. 

Pardon me for my lack of excitement
But I'm not entirely thrilled
St-st-stutter when I talk, flail around as I walk
Yeah the moments been killed
And I'm not good at this no, not all
I'm not good at this

I'm a wreck and I know it and I tend to show it every chance that I get
Butterflies in the skies they just fly on by
They're making me sick
They don't flutter about I'd do without
All they do is kick

Mean it truly
Sincere heart
Why do you do this to me, tear me apart?

It's my fault and I know it and I tend to blow it no thanks to you
It's like you sit and you watch me
You poke and you taunt me
It's all that you do
And I'm not fighting that no, not at all
Just want to be something, a name you call
The lips you taste just to fall madly in love

Mean it truly
Sincere heart
Why do you do this to me, tear me apart?

I got my eyes set on you
My heart is burning red
All of my words come out wrong
Run circles in my head
You had me and I melted
In the palm of your hand
You know it, yes I felt it
You'll never understand

Mean it truly
Sincere heart
Why do you do this to me, tear me apart?

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