Too Beautiful

[This story has other celebs in it] Kenzie Roberts has been in pain for the last 14 years. Ever since she was 3 and her mother passed away her father has been beating her. She cries herself to sleep every night and in the morning she covers up the bruises. She's a turtle in a school, keeping to herself and out of everyone's way. She's afraid to love and afraid to let anyone in. Above all that she's the most beautiful girl in school. She can't see her beauty because of her fathers vicious words. Can one guy teach her that not all men are like her father? Can he show her that she's beautiful? Read(:


12. "Mother?"

Kenzie's POV:

I sat on my bed with my knees up to my chest. I was flipping through old magazines. Thoughts of my mother just wouldn't leave my head no matter how hard I tried. I let out a loud rough sigh as I slammed the magazine shut. 

"Remind me not to get on your bad side." Harry joked leaning against the doorway.

"Are you saying I have a bad *side* Mr.Styles?" I teased.

He chuckled then came over and took a seat next to me. He stared at me with his bright green eyes. He pushed some of my hair out of my face with his hand. 

"There is no side of you that could ever possibly be bad." He said with a sweet whisper. 

"I think we all have bad sides." I said.

"Oh?" He looked at me confused.

"But some of us know how to contain them better than others." He smiled softly at my words. Just then Eleanor and Louis came running into my room. Eleanor looked like she was very out of breath. I tilted my head with confusion.

"Look at this!" She commanded.

I looked down at a piece of paper she was holding. It had my mother's name on it. I looked closer and realized they had found her. My heart started beating faster as a smile came across my face. Was I really going to get to see my mother after all this time?? 

*An Hour Later*

I sat in the back seat of Louis's car nervously tapping my fingers on my leg. Harry just smiled at me which caused me to blush a bit. Eleanor looked more excited than I was. We pulled up to the address that was written on that piece of paper. Harry took my hand as we made our way up to the door. Eleanor and Louis stayed out in the car. My shaky hands reached the door and knocked. I took in a deep breath as a little boy answered. He looked like he was about five years old. My heart started to sink. Did we have the wrong house? Just as I was going to say something I heard a woman's voice.

"Jack, who is it buddy?" An older woman, I'd say around the age thirty five called.

"I don't know mommy!" He yelled back then turned towards the living room. There was another boy sitting in there. He looked about five years younger than me.  Maybe my mother moved. Maybe they just didn't have her current address. 

Just then a teenage girl like three years younger than me came down the steps. She looked very similar to me...She looked at me then her eyes went to Harry. She smiled at him which bothered me. A lot. Then the woman who asked who was at the door came into view. My heart started pounding harder as I felt my eyes start swelling up. 

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