The mind and life of Draco Malfoy

Hi, this movella explores the books from Draco's perspective, trying to understand exactly why he behaved like he did and about his mysterious followers Crabbe and Goyle.


1. The burnt newspaper

Draco Malfoy pulled the duvet up over his head and tried to stop his thoughts racing so that he would fall back to sleep. It was 7am on his 8th birthday but instead of the excitement he usually woke to on his birthdays he was filled with dread. This was the birthday he hadn't been looking forward to. He had become the age at which it could be assumed with almost complete certainty that, as he had not in his entire life accomplished anything in the least bit magical, he was a squib.

Draco's parents, Lucius and Narcissa, were a witch and wizard and had both attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where they had learnt how to harness their magical powers. For the last few years they had been on the lookout for Draco to perform some piece of magic, proving that he is a wizard rather than a squib. The age at which wizards first show magical powers varies with some showing them from as soon as they are born and others not showing magical powers until the age six or seven. It was universally accepted among the magical world that those who had shown no magical powers by the age of eight never would. Thus it was now apparent that Draco would never go to hogwarts and never learn to harness his magical powers, because he had none.

Draco sighed and decided to go downstairs and get his house elf to make him some breakfast. As he reached the kitchen he heard a large pop sound and saw his father vanish into thin air. At the first sight of his son Lucius Malfoy had apparated to work so he didn't have to face his son and feel the shame of producing a squib. As Lucius was transported to work Draco was left alone in the kitchen with his house elf Dobby.

'What would you like for breakfast Master Malfoy?' Dobby squeaked. Although he only wore a very tattered pillowcase his presence filled the kitchen due to his oversized ears and large completely round eyes.

'Toast and pumpkin juice in my room' replied Draco, grabbing a nearby newspaper 'the Daily Prophet' and heading back to his room, careful not to meet his mothers eye as he walked past her. He sat down on his bed and started to read one of the articles.

Gryffindor beats Ravenclaw in last quidditch match of the year but yet again Slytherin win the cup.

Yesterday was the last match of the Hogwarts annual Quidditch cup and for the second year running Slytherin won. However, Slytherin had already played all their matches of the year and yesterdays match saw a victory by Gryffindor, who took second place in the cup, over Ravenclaw. Gryffindors win was largely due to their exceptionally talented seeker, Charlie Weasley, who caught the snitch in the first fifteen minutes of the match. 'The whole team are very talented' claimed Charlie Weasley, 'we knew we couldn't overtake Slytherin in that match but are still happy to have come in second place.' Another key player in the team is Greg Jones, their keeper, who saved all the goals in the final match. 'I only started Quidditch last year,' said Jones, who is set to achieve 10 Outstanding OWLs, ' i have muggle parents so had never flown before i came to Hogwarts...'

Draco chucked the paper across the room and punched at his pillow. Anger flooded him as he thought about Greg Jones, the muggle born Gryffindor keeper wwho several years ago hadn't even known that magic existed and was now thriving in the magical world. Envy filled Draco as he re-read the article. He thought it was very unfair that Greg should be such a talented wizard even though he was muggle born and thus wouldn't know that magic existed or what he was missing if he hadn't gone to Hogwarts. Yet, Draco knew all the wonders of the Wizarding world but didn't believe he would ever get the chance to partake in any of it.

Before Draco had gone past the age that most wizards tend to show magical powers he had never really thought about his opinion on muggle born witches or wizards. He knew that his parents didn't like them. However, Draco now had a very strong hatred of them. Why, he thought, should people be teaching muggle borns to do magic when people with magical parents don't always get a chance. Hatred boiled up inside him and he felt like he was swelling with anger. Anger so intense that he thought he would explode. He stared at the newspaper whising he had never read it and suddenly the newspaper set alight. Draco screamed and his mother ran into the room and stared at the newspaper, the flames disappearing almost as soon as they had appeared. Narcissa picked up the newspaper, it was undamaged apart from one article which was covered in black soot and was unreadable. That article was the one Draco had just been reading about the Hogwarts Quidditch cup.

Narcissa gasped, staring at Draco whose thunderstruck expression quickly shifted to tears of happiness. It was magic, it had to be. Narcissa scooped her eight year old son into her arms and beamed. 'Dobby!' she yelled, 'Go and get Lucius, tell him it's urgent.' With a loud pop Dobby had gone from the downstairs kitchen and returned a minute later with an apprehensive Lucius Malfoy.

'What happened?' he asked before Narcissa thrust the newspaper in his hand.

'Draco did it,' she explained, pointing at the sooty patch on the newspaper. A wide smile appeared on Lucius' face, 'really?' he said, staring at Draco. When Draco nodded he immediately found himself in his fathers arms.


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