The mind and life of Draco Malfoy

Hi, this movella explores the books from Draco's perspective, trying to understand exactly why he behaved like he did and about his mysterious followers Crabbe and Goyle.


2. Diagon Alley

        Ten minutes later Draco found himself looking down a long crooked street, brushing dust off his long robes and platinum blond hair. On hearing that his son was a wizard Lucius Malfoy had taken the day off work and the three of them had travelled by floo powder to London to buy a congratulations, and birthday, present for Draco.

"Draco, dear," said Narcissa, turning to look at Draco, "How about we get you a pet for your birthday and a broom as a congratualtions present.

Draco nodded enthusiastically so the Malfoy's headed the Quality Quidditch supplies and qued behind a large red headed family who seemed to be taking a long time to buy a broom for one of the many boys.

"Can I have a Comet 100 mother," asked one of the older sons, pointing at one of the broomsticks that was obscured by a large poster reading ' Comet 260- fastest broom yet.'

"I'm sorry, Charlie," said the mother, turning almost as red as her hair, "we can't afford it." She turned to the shop assistant, "do you have anything a bit cheaper?" The shopkeeper pulled out a broom from the second hand section of the shop.

"This is the Comet 50, it's second hand but still works fine."

Charlie looked at the twigs bent at funny angles and, stifling disappointment, turned to his mother. "I'll have that," he said, "I've only become Gryffindor captain, it's not like i'm going to be playing for England."

"Okay, i'm sorry it couldn't be a better one, Charlie," said his mother, her face returning back to it's normal colour.

             Lucius leaned over to Draco and whispered "you can have a broom a lot better than that one, son. My job is much more worthwhile, and thus better paid, than that boys father so I get my family the best." Draco wasn't sure whether his father had meant for the whisper to be as loud as it was but immediately after he had said it two identical twins, only  a few years older than Draco, had turned round and tried to punch every inch of Lucius, knocking Draco to the floor with there desperation to get to his father.

"No!" cried Narcissa, Charlie and his mother at once. They dragged the twins off Lucius, who had been reaching for his wand, and the mother slammed 5 galleons on the counter before dragging her sons out of the shop. Lucius stood up and waved a fist at the shop door.

"Those gargoyles," he shouted, "that scoundrel, muggle loving family thinks it can ..."

"Calm down dear," said Narcissa, lowering her husbands fist slowly, "we know the Weasley family are good for nothings, lets not sink to their level. She turned to the shopkeeper, "we are looking for a broom for my son, Draco."

          Ten minutes later the Malfoys left Quality Quidditch supplies with the new comet 260 broomstick and headed to the Magical Menagerie to buy him an eagle owl for his birthday.

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