ObsCure The Aftermath

Two years ago, a group of young teenagers was trapped inside their school, haunted by creatures unleashed by their maniac headmaster. Some of them survived that terrible night, while others perished.
Now, the survivors have picked up their lives and joined college. But all is not right on Fallcreek Univeristy: strange flowers suddenly appear everywhere on campus, containing a dangerous substance that induces strange but vivid dreams. But there was more to expect from the flowers. When the seeds finally germinate, a bad trip suddenly turns into a horrifying reality.


2. Lost Love




SVEN:  Everything was odd. Amy just left with Corey into the forest to find his car. And Kenny was in huge pain and needed his medication so he went to a hospital near the campus. Me and Mei stood there until she got a call from her twin sister Jun who was in trouble. She was stuck inside while the monsters were outside her room. She sounded frightened so Mei and I went to find her. We rushed into the campus to Mei and Jun's room but she wasn't there. Mei started panicking. She doesn't want to lose her younger sister. We heard screams coming from the corridors. That was her. We went out, a monster was holding Jun from her neck was trying to rip her apart! I stood still but I was screaming the hell out on the inside.. Mei started crying and took my bat and attacked the creature furiously and killed him.. But unfortunately, it was too late for Jun... She was already dead. I couldn't bear how Mei was staring at her and crying when she saw her dead sister. But we had to go, I took Jun's car keys and tried to pull Mei off of her because more monsters were coming our way. Mei was in pieces, she was screaming and crying non stop.. We took Jun's car to go meet Corey and Amy after Mei got a call from them..


AMY:  Corey was upset about Jun.. I can't believe what was happening. I hoped Sven was OK. This was no game. Me and Corey rushed to go find Mei and Sven when we heard Shannon and Kenny talking. He was sitting down on a bed feeling sick and down.. Sick because he was having problems and pains from the drinks he drank back in the campus.. He inhaled it and drank a lot.. He felt down because his older sister was always the strongest one. Shannon was trying to cheer him up, otherwise he'll just die.. But instead he gave up.. She was his only family. Kenny who is badly injured by the black spores, turned into a monster, an unstoppable monster. Seeking revenge for his sister. Kenny started transforming. When Shannon saw Amy and Corey she told them to leave the place and she managed to escape. We both ran off to a safer place. We descended the elevator and found Prof James. He then, took us to a warehouse next to the hospital. I stood there waiting for Sven and Mei to arrive. They took too long cause they were facing some monsters on their way here... Suddenly we heard the door closing in. Sven and Mei are here.
She runs into Corey arms and it was kinda romantic. She fell crying on him, and Corey promised to keep her safe. Someone will pay for what happened to Jun.. Sven was happy to see me. He approached to me and held my hands. He stared at me and he obviously knew how much I care about him and so did he. We had a "moment". I love Sven.. And I bet he has a crush on me too.


COREY:  Sven and I went on searching for some kinds of dynamites to blow while Prof James went on searching for the way out. We had to blow a wall so we could get out! After getting the chemicals to create the dynamites we've finally threw them where the wall was planned to break. It was a big explosion but we made a hole, and we got through it. We're almost out when we see Kenny as a monster. And he's obviously not letting us get away peacefully. He's dark and stronger than ever. With his huge monstrous arms he strikes and hits Sven and Amy on the floor, then the professor instantly. I held Mei close to me, if he wanted to touch her, it'll be over my dead body!! I took my shotgun and attacked him and Mei fought too she took her gun and shot him but our weapons weren't strong enough to beat him. Suddenly he jumps over Mei, throws me on the wall and stabs me with a knife.. I sure wasn't dead but I was worried about Mei. He wouldn't kill her. But I was wrong. Kenny stumbled her and she fell down, he pressed his harmful hand on her and crushed her instantly without giving second thought. I started screaming but it didn't make any difference.. Mei was dead. Kenny killed her. I was screaming in rage until Stan and Shannon came they were the only ones who experienced this bullshit before. Stan was angry at Kenny, talking about how no longer they're friends and how Shannon won't mind killing her own brother if he doesn't change.. But that only made Kenny angrier. Shannon and Stan stood together against him they were unbeatable. Kenny was defeated, and he promptly makes his escape. But the victory comes at a terrible price, Mei was gone.. She's dead!!. Both (Shannon & Kenny) weren't ready for this. Shannon wasn't ready to kill her own brother. But we quickly then departed in Stan's van, and I couldn't believe what 


STAN:  We're out now. We left the damn. Mei is dead. Jun is dead. Corey couldn't help but cry the whole way in the car. Amy and Sven were down, and Shannon.. Well she was never been worse. Her brother is no longer here. But we were all safe for now. I wouldn't have done it without her thought. I was glad she's still alive. She found an old picture I through in my messy stuff in the van and smiled at me. A picture of us two years ago with Josh and Ashley.. and Kenny. I smiled back at her. I think I like her.. She's dark and stronger now.. She's not afraid. And we're in this together.. While driving away, a mutated creature appeared in the middle of the road so I crashed off a cliff into a forest. The van came crushing in a dark area. Everyone fell ill. I woke up on Shannon laps which was weird.. Both me and Shannon stood and left the car to search the place before the guys wake up. We found an old warehouse near Fallcreek. I managed to hack the door locks thanks to the years I've spent in jail. We got in. We spent hours trying to find help and to see if it was safe enough to keep the group here. Sven, Corey and Professor James came in and were expecting Amy to be with us. But she wasn't We found her laying around in the warehouse's corners. She didn't look okay, she was dead tired and had black lines under her eyes. Sven was worried and ran to hold her in his arms. But it wasn't long for Kenny to appear again and attack us. Shannon realized that he did something to her. And he couldn't care less about Amy, but he was hoping that she'll be having his baby. And it won't be just a baby. I helped Sven taking care of Amy while Corey and Shannon were handling Kenny. He strikes again but they both managed to defeat him by shooting at him and he fell into a pit in a warehouse. Shannon hopped Kenny would forgive her. She had no other choice. As we took off, Shannon and I got closer. And I felt like I needed to protect her. 


AMY:  I was okay, Sven was worried sick. He didn't know about Kenny. But he wanted to help me. The guys went on planning what's next, while me and Sven embarked to find a place to refuge. I felt dirty and mad. I didn't know what was happening but all I knew was that Sven's here with me. I feel safe whenever he's around. He made me laugh on the boat, him and his Norwegian accent. I saw mutated monsters coming our way from afar. So I took my shotgun and shot both of them, which Sven thought impressing. We continued our way to find an old cemetery in the middle of the woods. We passed right through it. Monsters were surrounding us. But I wasn't afraid 'cause he was by my side. We fought and he killed them all. Eventually we had found an old house in which it had some really weird room with the flowers that started it all! That freak was growing them! We needed to find out who and kill him/it. The flowers were all over the place, it was creepy enough. Suddenly we heard foot steps coming out from the next room when Sven and I were exploring. A man with a disfigured face carrying a chainsaw came in. And I think I've seen him before! The disfigured man attacked us and fought Sven  and I was lucky enough to escape.. I wanted to help Sven but I couldn't. I'm just weak, and he begged me to.. I ran as fast as I could and hid in a closet in the house and waited for the others to come with tears in my eyes hoping nothing terrible happened to Sven..


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