ObsCure The Aftermath

Two years ago, a group of young teenagers was trapped inside their school, haunted by creatures unleashed by their maniac headmaster. Some of them survived that terrible night, while others perished.
Now, the survivors have picked up their lives and joined college. But all is not right on Fallcreek Univeristy: strange flowers suddenly appear everywhere on campus, containing a dangerous substance that induces strange but vivid dreams. But there was more to expect from the flowers. When the seeds finally germinate, a bad trip suddenly turns into a horrifying reality.


1. Corruption with Rage and melancholy

Corey Wilde 
Mei Wang
Sven Hansen
Amy Brookes
Jun Wang
Kenny Matthews
Shannon Matthews
Stan Jones
Prof. Richard James


  Disclaimer: I don't own ObsCure the Aftermath aka ObsCure II. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I do.



STAN: It wasn't long ago since we've last seen a monster, and i'm not just talking about our college's teachers but our principal at Leafmore High.. I remember, two years ago, the good times with my friends Josh, Ashley, Kenny and Shannon at college until Herbert Friedman decided to use students as guinea pigs to save the life of his diseased brother Leonard. All of us were infected by the spores released into the air. Some of us couldn't survive that terrible night.. Stuck at school with monsters created through biological experiments was pretty much an unforgettable nightmare.. Kenny and I had to take medication to prevent the effects infecting our bodies, while Shannon was able to adapt to the changes.. She became different. I did a lot of bad stuff and ended up in prison, but i'm out now, and I just want to forget about Leafmore and everything that happened there.
I still miss my friends, but I'm glad I still have Shannon and Kenny here.
They enrolled in this University near Fallcreek. Kenny is Shannon's younger brother, and she was always the strongest, she's darker and is still controlling the black aura that changed her so she'd stay alive. She is that hot goth chick at campus. Kenny was her only family, he suffered a lot during the years but he still gets on his feet whenever she needs him. I remember when Shannon, back then, was this sweet blond girl at college, still, she manages to pull off both styles!
They obviously made new friends here, and at the moment, I have a dead-end job as a pizza delivery boy even though it's not as bad as it looks like.


COREY: Campus is sweet! It's a new year and Mei and I are pretty much spending the whole week in my room, since my roommate was always out. I've been probably spending my whole life climbing on top of things and I used to fall a lot and break my bones, I'm a skater who was never strange to pain! Mei is my girlfriend and we've been together for long and I can't imagine anybody else besides her to be my partner in life.. She was there whenever I was down, she's the only one who stayed even thought i think I can be a huge jerk sometimes. But I love her more than anything. She has a twin sister Jun and they're both actually crazy video gamers. We used to go to Sven's place to chill every once in a while, he always hangs out with Amy making really weird drinks to chill out and have fun. 
One day I went with Mei to his room, they were probably celebrating and preparing for the campus' party, the Delta Thea Gamma Party. As soon as we got to his place he suddenly gave me a drink and Mei found Jun laying around. The drink smelled funny, and had some strange things coming out of it but I drank it anyway. And so did Kenny when he passed by with his sister preventing him to stay. I couldn't remember what happened then.. I fell ill. I woke up in a very strange forest near a cemetery, Mei was there too so we struggled our way out from there.. Suddenly a weird human-looking creature came out with a bag with somebody inside yelling out loud. And I figured out it was Amy!! We followed him the whole way down to the cemetery's underground which was really creepy.. There was blood everywhere.. Bodies attached to the wall. Mei didn't want to continue but we managed to find Amy, she was dead laying on a huge flower with her chest wide open.. I'm assuming it was a dream but everything looked real as f*ck! Suddenly in a second a huge monster attacked us and ripped Mei's body apart. By then I woke up finding myself in the boys bathroom vomiting. I went to Mei's room found her laying on the ground. She was OK and she had the same dream as I did! Thank God! It was a nightmare. I didn't bother to tell anyone about it, it was just a freaking dream. I helped her up, it was the night of the party. And we were going together. So we cheered oursleves up and we took off in my car. No one was in the campus, everybody went there before us.


SHANNON: ..This black aura thingy is pretty much controlling my life and it's becoming darker! But I think I can relate. There was something bugging me about Kenny. He has been hanging with some new lads who seem very strange but fun.. I miss having fun like old times.. I noticed there was something strange at campus. There were some strange flowers appearing all over the campus' ground. It was a bit odd. Kenny was obviously out with Amy, there was a party near Fallcreek.. And I wasn't really in the mood for that. I stayed in my room trying to figure out why were these flowers suddenly appearing. I felt like there's something strange going on. And I was hoping not any of the bullshit that happened two years ago.. Friedman is dead, we can move on now! I thought a second about Stan, I miss him, and I haven't seen him in a while.. And I thought we should catch up whenever we get the chance. But he's obviously no longer interrested in me. Oh well.
I hope he's fine. So I sat there thinking until I could fall asleep..


AMY: Kenny and I finally arrived to the party. He was nagging about how I never really wanted him. And it was obvious that he wanted me. But I only think of him as a close friend nothing more which bugged him a lot. I wanted to meet new people out there. We got there but there was a guard on the door who wouldn't let us in. We needed "relations" so we could get in. But unfortunately we didn't know anyone at the party. So we got kicked out and also all the drinks that Sven got. They were thrown on some pretty flowers in the corner. Kenny got mad and decided to sneak in from the roof. I had no choice but to follow him in. He dragged a huge heavy box near the roof so we could climb up which was pretty interesting. He's pretty strong and stuff. So we got up, broke the window's glass and got in. Hurray we're in! We got into a library that was in a mess and I've found codes and numbers written down on a desk. And while I was inspecting we heard a voice coming from downstairs, a girl screaming. But it was obviously because of the party and she might have been wasted or something.


KENNY:  I heard the girl's screams, and I didn't bother going downstairs. Amy was goofing around so I decided to go to the Billiards room to have some fun and see if I could find some drinks. When I got out to the corridor, the screaming girl was there, she was a mess, blood was covering her body. When I first saw the blood, I stood numb. Didn't help her but I was in denial. Hoping this wasn't the start of something naughty. Amy got out and yelled at me. I can tell she had never seen blood in her life. She was afraid. The girl told us to leave as fast as we could because it seems no one in the party downstairs was still alive. She told us there was a gun in the Billiards room so Amy rushed in, she was smart enough to realize there was a secret lock in the wall. She opened it easily cause she found some codes. Suddenly some monsters broke into the door that led to the party so I took a deep breath, and with the gun in my hand I shot them easily. I've been through this before. But Amy didn't, she was so scared. She never believed in these things. I mean monsters? REALLY!? She stood next to me and we went downstairs. People were slain, killed, dead all around the floor. Many of the people we've known have also disappear. Which could only mean they were transformed into monsters.
But no one was alive. We tried to find a way to see what happened. If there was anybody alive. But no one. We got to a huge old library in the back of the place. There was a door leading to an another house, we've entered it slowly and got attacked again by freaking huge spiders! I gave Amy a bat and I took another baseball one. And finished them down. There was a man in the room, it was our biology teacher Mr James.


MEI: I got in Corey's car and we drove to the party. He seemed very tense and worried about the nightmare. He was going to kill Sven once he sees him. We reached the party but I fell frightened of the dead bodies everywhere. I was so scared I wanted to leave. But Corey wasn't planning on to, he wanted to find the others. I managed to hack the code at the door since I was good at hacking devices. We entered the party, there was still music but dead corpses instead of people dancing. We had no idea what happened. Monsters came crushing down from each corner wanting to smash into pieces. Corey held my hand and we ran off to a safer room, a library, where we hid. A black aura blocked the main door, we couldn't even head out. Corey climbed to an upper floor, placed above the library which led to another door outside. And it seemed somebody has been here. He reached his hand for me and I got up. But still monsters kept appearing behind us. We finally left the place. We've found a place to take refuge. There was a way downstaires, Amy and Kenny were there. They couldn't believe we were still alive. Amy ran and hugged me tightly hoping we heard from Sven. I've always knew she had something for him. But she and Kenny are safe that's what's important. I'm glad Jun wasn't here to see this. 
Corey and Kenny were talking with our biology teacher, he happens to be a scientist, immersed in the biology of the scientific black spores. Obviously, the thing that caused some people in turning into monsters was the spores produced by the flower. They induce a high when ingested or inhaled. And they seem to build up in the reproductive organs of those who ingest them and spread through unprotected intercourse, out-competing conventional sexually transmitted diseases. The flowers only seemed to bloom at night, inducing a transformation in those who have inhaled them.. And it also explains why Corey and Mei had the nightmare when they drank at Sven's. It contained spores from the flowers, allowing those who ingest them to share dreams as well as a glimpse of events to come. We were all crept out by what the professor had to say say. The flowers have become a popular recreational drug that can be ingested through either tea or smoke. We needed to stop the spread of contagion before the situation becomes critical.

COREY:  Mei and Amy stayed with the professor while Kenny and I went on searching for a way out of this place. We arrived to a huge room where another party was happening but everyone was dead, even the DJ. Kenny found a door out but a black aura was all over it. I got an idea. I climbed all the way up above a bar where there was something that we can spot the light on the door long enough for the black aura to disapear.. And it worked! The black aura's gone. We've made it. On our way out, Sven was arriving to the party. He had no idea what was going on. Calling me out loud. Suddenly my car came drifting just to hit Sven but he rolls over and escapes. A monster was screwing with my car! Mindlessly I followed the monster in my car.. Mei was mad because I left them to find my crashed car in the woods. Amy followed me in there.
That bastard stole my car!! I'll have this jerk's skin!! My car was smashed by the monsters. I had a shotgun in my car so when I arrived near it, I took it and shot all the monsters around him and Amy. I thought to myself this couldn't get any worse.. I even left Mei on her own. Amy was mad about it. We kept walking in the woods until we saw a disfigured man that I saw in the nightmare. Amy and I hid while he was walking on his own, never wondered of what he might have been doing. Eventually we found our way out of the forest to the hospital nearby to get some help. But it looked like the spores also affected this place too! We got in, and sat waiting for signals so I could call and check on Mei and Sven.. We were safe here.



 End of Chapter 1, chapter 2 available soon. Leave your comments about it! And ty! This is my first story so.. :3

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