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Little lady


1. Darkness

»And i'll be drunk again, to feel a little love«

Sunday morning, As always, drunk, and the bed full of Jack Daniels bottles.

My life became a little intense since I moved to London with Jess,I didn't expect it, but yeah, it isn't great, but it's shure better then what we had there.

My head is spinning, I can't think well, I just Neal in the bathroom and trew up all the alcohol in my sistem.

Jess comes in, she's not Better either, the look in her face, that bump in her eye, and that long curly hair rapped in a bun "Sam" she says, trowing her arms around me helping me up "I'm good, I'm good" I say. "If you're good as me, I think we have a problem" she says smirking. Jess and I, always had this dream of coming to live in London, and one day, it just came true. We took the car,drove to the airport, and flew off, without giving explaining to anyone. The first months, were ok, actually, quite good, but as the weeks and months went by, our life started to fall in to darkness. It just was a load of shit, and maybe it still is, or maybe that's just the grumpy and the day after drunk Sam talking.

"You know what day is it today Sam?" I see the sparkle in her eyes, she's always been way happier then me. "No" I say confused "Sunday, that means..?" "Nothing?" I say tired of this game, her lightness falls, but comes back again "we're going to the library, and then to the park, and you're coming" she smiles, and gets me up in my feet. "Get up little duck" uh, that hunger games influence I gave to her. She goes to her room, and I stay there, not wanting to go outside, but it's so important to her, that I might quite Enjoy it for her. I get my skinny high-waste Blu jeans ,my white tank-top, and Blu vans, and get dressed, before angry Jess walkes in here and kill me.

Jess pov

Sunday morning, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, I forgot how good was life if you started to ignore most of the demons that scream in your head. I realised that, when today, I opened my eyes and saw the life me and Sam were living. "No more" I think to myself.

I dress in my favorite Black tank-top, light Blue jeans, and jeans vans.

Sam's dream always was to come to London, and spend time reading in the parks, listening to music with a cup of tea in front of her window while it rained, but she never got the chance to live the dream, because she got caught in the bad road of the dream, and she's struggling to get out of it. Every Sunday, she comes back drunk, high or so, but happy. Maybe living in total darkness just makes her happy, but I can't stand to look in those brown, inexpressive eyes even if she's happy dying a little bit at the time.

»I'm ready Jessica" she says smirking, she knows I hate when she calls me by my full name. Her long brown hair was Tyed in a braid that falled over her shoulder, she had her makeup on, and she was wearing the first nice clothes she ever Bought here. She looked once again beautiful. »Samantha Rose, Is that a smile I see in your face?" I say laughing, she giggles and turnes around "c-mon, the nice day isn't going to last forever" so there she was, finally happy?

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