A girl that needs to get away from here farther and is going to meet her Lang lost brother. Her brother is Niall horañ but she does not no so. Hope u enjoy guys


5. what the fuck

omg did i just hured that. no no no i am going to end up dead. I think i was panicking because of it. That is so sad. So what am I going to do. well first of all I am going to let go of Niall because I might get to close to hi. You no fall in love with him a little more. No I don't like them at all they are like ew. so yes it looks like I nead to just calm down and get on with my life.



this is very shourt i will do more later but i have been puting the sorys on youtube instead. i am called cher horan and it is called onev direction kidnapped me. i love you all :)

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