A girl that needs to get away from here farther and is going to meet her Lang lost brother. Her brother is Niall horañ but she does not no so. Hope u enjoy guys


2. 1D friends n how crazy they are

I love my friends don't get me wrong but all they talk about is 1D. They say it as if they no them in person. They have dot mr a poster and invited me to go to a concet with them tomorrow. I said I am only going because I am a good best friend. Dad will kill me if he new so tomorrow I am going to annabels to get changed.  It was a long night because my dad likes to rape me so I gess he thinks I'm mum or something. Oh how I wish I new my brother. He always sounded nice when dad talks to him on the phone but he sayed it is someone else and dad never yous his name. It's always how is my baby boy. I think my brother has forgotten me. Dad says he is in that boy band I don't like and the 1 I am going to see tomorrow with the girls. I think I should go to sleep now or I will be asleep at the concet. 

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