Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


2. Chapter 2

     Jade slowly open one eye and then quickly shut it after a bright light stung her eye. “I know you’re awake there’s no point in pretending you’re not.” Said a strange voice from in front of her. “Well maybe if you turned that stupid light down, I’d be able to at least open one of my eyes!” Jade yelled. Jade then saw the light in front of her eyes dim. She reopened her eyes and saw a tall handsome man with short brown hair, he was wearing leather pants with a black vest top. The stranger then said, “You know you’re strange.” “Well I was going to say the same, but decided to be polite. But obviously you don’t have manners!” Jade replied. “Ha ha, very funny. I mean I've never meet a demon like you before, i heard of greater demons, but nothing like i expected. You are usually…um…well…ugh…I don’t really know how to explain them. You’re vile and as soon as your kind comes in contact with shadow hunters like me, they’ll jump and be ready to kill. You, I'm afraid, are the ones that have no manners.” He said while posing a puzzling look towards the wall. Jade wanted to see what he was looking at and tried to get up, and then turn round. But when she tried to rise she got stuck, she looked down at herself to see what the problem was. Jade saw huge straps coming from either side of the bed she was lying on, over her body tightly and then strapped to the other side. She started to struggle and realized this had all become very real. She struggled once again but this time the straps got tighter. “There’s no point in struggling, they’ll just get tighter and tighter, until they split you in half.” He said with a slight satisfaction. “Why are you doing this? Where’s my family? Why I am here? Who even are you?” Jade questioned. “Well, I've been tracking you for a while now. You’re giving off demon energies. I was just very suspicious. Oh and by the way I’m William Sebastian Recom Sampson. But my friends call me Will.” He said with a small smile. “Your full name is a bit long winded." Jade was almost comfortable with their conversation, but remember this man had kidnapped her and panicked with rage "What about my family? Where are they? Have you hurt them?” She said as she smashed her hand down into the bed. “They’re fine, but they can’t really be you’re family. You’re a demon, you don’t have a family and cause demons just don’t have them.” He said looking in to her eyes as they filled with tears and then danced down her cheeks. “Of course they’re my family! My mum has a picture of me at the hospital, when I was born, my dad knows that at Christmas time, ever since I was little, I would stay awake until 1 o’clock on the dot, to try and see Santa, but I always fell asleep! So yeah maybe demons don’t have families, but I do! I AM NOT A DEMON!!” She started to struggle under the straps again; they got tighter and tighter as she thought they would, but then all of a sudden the straps were covered with a blue glittery fog and snapped open. Will was stood there completely paralyzed with shock, then with a quick reflex whipped out his long silvery sword, which had been hiding in his leather jacket pocket. Jade suddenly realized that this man was actually going to kill her. She quickly then sprang down from the bed and ran for the door on the left side of the dark room. She rapidly put her hand out and reached for the greasy handle and speedily twisted it. She went to pull the door open but it was locked. Jade turned round to see where Will was. But saw no one. All of a sudden a sharp pain, the sharpest Jade has ever felt, shot down in her stomach. She looked down too see what it was. She saw the silvery sword, Will had been holding, logged in her stomach. She screamed and yelped for help, but then her voice went quiet; the whole room was getting dark and blurry as the pain got stronger. Jade plummeted onto the floor, and lay on her back looking up at the rotting ceiling as she bled to death. She was about to close her eyes when a blurred face appeared in front of her eyes. It was Will, a hazy Will. He was yelling something at her, but Jade could no longer hear him, so she decided to let her eyes fall closed. The world was quiet, soundless, it was black with nothingness. All that she could feel was the long bloody dagger stuck in her gut and the blood pouring out of the wound. Fortunately the pain then faded, and Jade faded out. 

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