Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


12. Chapter 12

The house had been demolished on the inside; everything was upside-down, in the wrong place and on fire. The walls had been knocked down and the carpets were a light with bright sparks of orange flame. Will turned to Magnus as he started to walk up the stairs; Magnus gave him a puzzling look, which did nothing to help Will with how nervous he was. “Magnus?” Will said.

“Yes Will?” Magnus answered his call.

“You’re sure this is Jade’s house?”

“Yes, I found some strong traces of her from outside.” Will understood and decided not to make a sarcastic remark. He carried on walking up the stairs, each stair Will walked on creaked; he’d forgotten to put his silent rune on. Will heard another creek from behind him; he swerved round to find Magnus walking up the stairs behind him. He gasped and then nodded and they both carried on creaking up the stairs.

        When they reached the top of the stairs they realised the top floor wasn’t on fire like the last one, instead it was cover in a layer of blood. “Can you hear that?” Magnus said pushing in front of Will.

“Hear what?” Will asked a little confused.

“Shhhhh… Just listen.” Will looked round and was silent. He still couldn’t hear anything. He should have probably put on the listening rune on before they’d left as well, but there was no time with Magnus in a strop. He took out his stele and started to draw the curvy shape of the listening rune. The stele brought a cool touch to his arm’s skin, at first, but as he drew more the more it felt like a burn. Almost as soon as he’d finished drawing it he could hear a silent cry. “I can hear it.” Will turned to Magnus, but he wasn’t there. “Magnus! Magnus!” Will whispered.

“In here.” Magnus said from the furthest room away. Will curiously waddled over and placed himself leaning on the door frame. He saw Magnus sat down on the floor with a woman. Magnus said reassuringly “I know what’s happened is upsetting, but we can help. Could you tell us your name?” The woman stopped rocking back and forth in a ball and let her legs fall. Magnus gasped and exclaimed “Cally?”


“Are you sure this will work?” Manucoes asked.

“I’m almost certainly positive, Manu. But the girl’s powers are incredibly strong; you never know what she might be capable of.” Scaregrey answered.

“I agree, Master.”

“Could you please just go and check on the girl for me? I want to know whether our guest is awake yet.” Scaregrey said while walking back to his desk.

“Yes Master, I shall replace her water.” Manu said while he started to walk out of the room. He closed the door firmly behind him. Manu walked silently down the abandoned hospital’s corridor, down to the theatre room were the girl, Jade, was being kept.

   When he reached the room, Manu tried to open the door silently, but it didn’t work, the door loudly swerved open. The girl jumped up in her bed. Manu panicked and ran out of the room. All he could hear was the girl screaming.    

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